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How Vaping Can Help Dad Ditch the Cigarettes

3rd Jun 2019

Dad holding sonDoes your dad still smoke? Keen on him quitting the cigarettes in order to live a longer, healthier life? Looking to repay a lifetime of favours and good deeds that your dear old dad has selflessly done for you? As Father's Day approaches, why not help dad finally quit smoking and help him start vaping to become smoke-free? Let's find out how can you help.

Dad may be a stubborn, obstinate or even cantankerous kind of chap - set in his ways and reluctant to make, what he may deem to be, such a significant lifestyle change. When presenting dad with the idea of vaping, it's important to approach the subject without preaching, and by introducing the facts in an informative, supportive and encouraging way. Let's look at the positive health advice you can give, the importance that choosing the right e-liquid will play in becoming smoke-free, as well as the best kind of vaporizer to buy your beloved dad this Father's Day.

What is Vaping?

Vaping uses a battery powered atomizer to heat an e-liquid to a vaporized state, which is subsequently inhaled by the vaper. Vaporizers are available in an array of shapes and sizes that afford the vaper numerous options when it comes to their experience. From fuss-free and easy e-cigs to powerful vape pens, vape pods and box mods – it's important that any first-time vaper chooses an appropriate device that's a fit for their lifestyle and needs.

E-liquid or e-juice contains the all-important nicotine that is delivered to your body every time you vape. Whether it's tobacco, menthol, cola or coffee, e-juice is typically flavoured and available in 4 nicotine strengths of 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0%, which means that dad can gradually reduce nicotine strength to become both smoke-free and nicotine free too.

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The Best E-liquid and E-Cigs to Buy

Stopping smoking is never easy, but with the number of UK's population currently over 3 million, the evidence shows us that becoming smoke-free by vaping is clearly possible. The most important thing to consider when someone starts vaping is the experience. By this we mean, is the replacement satisfying enough to help curb the craving and calling of a cigarette?

The key factors that will contribute to the experience will be the e-juice and the vaporizer device. If you don't enjoy something, it's rare to return with the same kind of enthusiasm next time you need to do it. Choosing a cheap e-liquid that leaves a nasty aftertaste or complicated vaporizer kit with too many moving parts, will easily put off even the most willing of those looking to quit smoking.

Keep it simple and buy dad something like Vapour2's Starter Kit, which has everything your dad will need to start vaping. The kit includes a standard e-cigarette battery, express USB charger and a multipack of 6 different flavoured e-liquid cartridges. Simply screw cartridges onto the end of the battery and let dad discover his favourite flavour of e-juice that will help him continue vaping and stay smoke-free. Fuss-free, affordable and one-step closer to a smoke-free future – this could be the best father's day gift he has ever received.

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Vaping up to 95% Less Harmful than Smoking

The likelihood is that your pa has been puffing away on the cigs for a considerable amount of time. The thought of stopping smoking may have crossed his mind more than a dozen times, but the fact is smoking is a highly addictive habit. While the nicotine and sugar found in cigarettes aren't necessarily dangerous in small doses, they are of course, both addictive. The problem with smoking and the number of smoking-related deaths attributed to the habit are essentially down to the method used to deliver the nicotine to our bodies. By burning tobacco, cigarettes release tens of thousands of carcinogens, high levels of carbon monoxide and sticky tar which is inhaled every time someone smokes.

The most important nugget of information that you can provide your dad with is the evidence published by Public Health England, that shows e-cigarettes to be up to a staggering 95% less harmful than smoking. The independent report published in 2015, even said that vaping has the potential to help smokers become smoke-free. More recently, Queen Mary University London published research that revealed e-cigarettes to be up to twice as effective in helping smokers become smoke-free than other nicotine replacements such patches or gums. This is why vaping makes such a logical choice as a method to help your dad quit smoking.