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XEO VOID: the Best Vaporiser of 2020

24th Feb 2020

XEO Void best vaporiser of 2020

Having enjoyed a positive reputation since hurtling onto the market in late 2016, the XEO VOID vaporiser has become a mainstay device in the UK and European markets.

But does this award-winning vape by XEO still stack up in the new decade where the competition is fiercer than ever before? We take a look at, what we believe to be, the best vaporiser of 2020.

More About the XEO VOID

A high quality, sub-Ohm device – the VOID combines German design with a dual purpose functionality. Quickly gathering a reputation as reliable workhorse, it’s built to be fully compliant with all Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) standards and more. The model is also designed to be roundly leak resistant and child proof – though it’s always important to responsibly care for your device. Picking it up in your hand, it’s easy to be surprised by how genuinely robust the build quality is while still being light.

What Makes the XEO VOID Special?

Put simply, they’ve somehow made a device for all people that just works.

With a form factor of 12cm/1.9cm, the VOID easily fits into any pocket and takes a serious knocking. The design of the device ensures that it can be carried about without fear of breakage – with a three-sided form factor preventing the familiar roll-and-crash that many vapers experience after setting their vape on a table.

When it comes to using the XEO VOID vaporiser, the device is quick, clean and simple to deploy. This is thanks to a ‘five click’ activation button that prevents accidental misfires and saves on battery life. The device also enjoys a manually adjustable airflow ring that allows you to modulate taste and cloud density – giving you choice without compromise.

What Vaper Suits the XEO VOID?

The VOID is an exceptional all-rounder with no glaring weaknesses that would belong in the pocket of anyone who vapes regularly or is looking for a solid model to help them go smoke free.

It’s a fantastic entry-level model that is ideal for those new to vaping and seasoned users alike. The refined design cuts down the fuss and faff that comes with maintaining more intricate models – making it perfect for people whose time is at a premium or for those unfamiliar with vaping practice. Trademarked XEO VOID Coils also remove the ‘burn’ that can be a price paid on other less reliable models.

In addition, the removal of the tank can be an obstacle for those used to fiddling around with e-liquids and storage. But the change makes the device essentially leakproof – tackling one of the biggest bugbears of the all-in-one vape line since their inception.

xeo void vaporiser
xeo void atomizer heads
XEO VOID Vaporiser
XEO VOID Atomizer Heads x5

What are the Pros and Cons of the VOID?


Longevity: While a 1500mAh battery is no longer stunning, the device enjoys significant battery life on a single rapid charge. This can be extended by proper care.

Reliability: Topping up e-liquid is quick and intuitive, with a clearly marked ‘max fill’ line to prevent spillages. The metal casing is truly revolutionary, protecting it from the daily damage that could seriously break an inferior vape... and the leak proof exterior is not a joke, preventing spillages when on the go.

Versatility: The device is a perfect all-rounder, letting you vape as and when you need with minimal disruption. This lets you take a deep hit of DTL vape or increase your airflow and manage your battery life so you can peck away throughout the day.

Colours: There are a whole host of colours to choose form - so you can truly make this vaping experience a personal and stylish one.


Price point: One of the sole criticisms that can be labelled at the device is that it can be seen as potentially be pricier than other models in its league. However, if you keep build quality, longevity, and usability in mind, it comfortably sits at a point where the price paid is extremely generous for what you get.


If you want to learn more, our team is here to help. We stock a full range of XEO products, and if you want to see our full range of makes and models, you can browse our online options in full, along with our selection of helpful vaping accessories. If you have additional questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.