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Vertx - The reinvention of the e-cigarette

14th Apr 2016

VERTX Plus - A new e-cigarette for 2016

Vertx UK from VMR Products LLC

  • VERTX and VERTX Plus - The reinvention of the e-cigarette
  • Sleek and unique design from VMR Products (V2 USA)
  • Exciting features
  • Easy to use, high quality vape pen
  • Touch-screen control or simple button options
  • A flat surface stops VERTX from rolling away
  • Magnetic pre-filled cartridges that simply drop in
  • No cross-threading, so reduced leaks
  • Refill cartridges available in a range of strengths and flavours
  • Increased puffs per cartridge, without increasing overall size
  • VERTX Plus has adjustable voltage for more vapour
  • Available now in Europe
  • Five colours - Black, Red, Gold, Rose and  White
  • Vape Kit