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Uwell Caliburn Explorer Review: Unique Dual Coil Pod Kit

29th Nov 2023

Three Unique Uwell Caliburn Explorer Devices With Different Colours

Uwell changed how people who vape perceive flavour, with their innovative Pro-Focs adjustment technology via the  Uwell Caliburn collection, releasing their first device back in 2019, and have not looked back since!

The generational series has gradually evolved over time, with more than 20 different pod kits in the Caliburn range.

Examples include the Uwell Caliburn Koko collection, with a box design, as well as uniquely styled pod kits like the  Uwell Caliburn Tenet, which we reviewed previously to highlight just how cool it looks, with a super stylish metallic punk design.

While not all 20 have been unique, with some of the 20+ similar to previous versions, the new  Uwell Caliburn Explorer is in a league of its own thanks to the dual coil pods.

It’s something brand new to get excited about that we’ve never seen before - a truly amazing innovation!

Read on to discover all of its key features, design quirks and why it’s like nothing else from the Caliburn series, or in fact any pod vape kit, with our comprehensive review.

Key Specifications

  • New dual coil mechanism with 4-leaf clover button system
  • Dual airflow
  • Cross-compatible with Caliburn G and G2 coils
  • Dual coil side-fill pod – more puffs and fewer refills!
  • Super wide clear window to see e-liquid levels
  • Max 36W power output
  • 1000mAh battery
  • Auto-draw
  • Adjustable airflow

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Components Diagram

How Does it Compare to the Others in the Uwell Caliburn Series?

Lots of the previous devices from the Uwell Caliburn series have impressed. Producing long-lasting flavour through low-powered coils and pods, they’ve always been reliable devices for beginners and experienced mouth-to-lung vapers.

But each device has often focused on one type of vape method which always meant emptying and refilling to try different e-liquid flavours. The Uwell Caliburn Explorer has changed all of that!

It creates a unique opportunity to test different coils, e-liquids and flavour profiles. The device may look like a gimmick, and granted the flavour is not as intense through a 1ml chamber, but it’s also a welcome innovation.

The unique design for instance can prevent vapour’s tongue because you can alternate between flavours without even needing to change the entire pod.

Plus, the separate 1ml chambers have their own coils and space for e-liquid. So for beginners, this is especially great as you can test what works best without too much fuss.

Regardless of your level, the Uwell Caliburn Explorer stands out at the front as a true innovator, offering different flavours at your fingertips with its dual coil mode.

How to Use the Uwell Caliburn Explorer: Simple Setup Guide

  1. Five clicks to turn the device on and off.
  2. You can get a looser or tighter draw by reversing the pod. Each pod has two airflow holes positioned in between the coils. For a tighter draw, the smaller hole should face towards the fire button. And for a looser draw, the larger hole is in the same direction.
  3. Once you turn on the device, both lights on either side of the cloverleaf button system will flash. This currently means that both liquid chambers mix together.
  4. Press the left side button only to vape the left side chamber, and the right button for the right side chamber.
  5. To go back to both flavours together at any point, press the top button of the clover leaf.
  6. Press the down button to automatically alternate the puffs between the two flavours. A really cool feature!

Appearance and Build Quality Overview

The appearance of the Uwell Caliburn Explorer is what we’ve come to expect from the Uwell Caliburn series – high-quality with a sleek and compact design. The device is slim enough to fit in the trouser or shirt pocket, and is available in a wide range of colour schemes, from the professional look of black that’s discreet to the bold combination of pink & cyan.

Like many of the Caliburn devices, such as the Caliburn A3 or slightly more beefy GZ2 Cyber Pod, there is a useful e-liquid window to see your vape juice levels. With the Explorer, they’ve made this even wider than previous models to enhance the experience.

Uwell Caliburn Explorer Menu Button System

The device itself is slightly longer to accommodate the larger 1000mAh battery capacity, which is a welcome bonus for those who do not like to charge up the vape kit as often.

What’s also interesting about the Explorer is the unique clover-leaf button system. Not only is the design super cool but it’s practical too. Each button press from the four options provides a different experience, creating a simple yet effective design to operate the device.

What are the Advantages of the Uwell Caliburn Explorer?

  • Ideal device so that you don’t have to carry around multiple kits to switch flavours or constantly need to refill
  • Great value for a vape kit containing four different coils
  • Able to vape MTL and RDL
  • Smart wattage mode to match the power output with the correct coil automatically
  • Mix and match flavours, or double the intensity with the same liquid in each chamber

Are There Any Disadvantages With This Unique Pod System?

  • E-liquids will need to be changed more frequently
  • High wattage capability of 32W for this type of device, but the highest recommended wattage from the three coil choices is only 18W maximum
  • Sidefill design may cause leaks


This is a one-of-a-kind device, which impresses because it’s something completely new that could revolutionise vaping. There are a few kinks with the Uwell Caliburn Explorer, such as only having 1ml e-liquid per chamber, which is hampered by TPD regulations.

But the pod design idea is a refreshing change to shake up the industry. It’s perfect because you can switch between flavours, combine two different flavours or double up when needed. So many choices!

For beginners especially, it’s a truly fantastic option if you seek something simple to use but effective in your quit-smoking journey. The flavour is always consistent and fresh with each hit of a Uwell Caliburn Pro Focs pod. And it gives the new vaper a platform to experiment and test what could work best.

The longer battery life of 1000mAh is also a welcome addition, so we believe the Explorer could work for both beginners and experienced vapers, regardless of the stage you’re at in your nicotine journey - because it’s so versatile!