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Troubleshooting Common Vaping Problems

29th Mar 2017

Question MarkWhether you’ve been vaping for two weeks or two years, at some point you’re bound to run into an issue that is detrimental to your vaping experience. It might be that your vaping device isn’t operating correctly or you’re not enjoying as rich a flavour as you’d like - whatever the issue is, never fear because today we’re troubleshooting ten of the most common vaping problems and providing you with simple solutions that will get your vaping back on track in no time.

I get a headache after vaping

You may be using an e-liquid with a nicotine content that’s too high for you. This is particularly likely to be the case if you’re using a PG-rich e-liquid as this property can have a minor dehydrating effect. If you’re already on the way to being dehydrated (which most of us are!) then a headache is one of the first side effects you’ll notice. Try lowering your nicotine level and upping your water intake.

I get a dry throat after vaping

As above, this is a common symptom of dehydration so grab a glass of water and you should notice your dry throat disappearing in no time.

I hear a gurgling or crackling sound when I use my e-cigarette

It’s likely that you’re overfilled your e-cigarette with e-liquid, causing a gurgling sound as liquid floods your device. Remove your cartomiser, decant a little bit of e-liquid and try again - you should notice the gurgling sound has stopped.

My e-liquid is leaking from the tank

There are a few different reasons why your e-liquid might be leaking:

-You’ve overfilled the cartomiser with e-liquid

-The cartomiser has been over-tightened

-An element of your e-cigarette is missing

If you check the above three issues and none are present then it’s possible your device is faulty, so contact our customer service team for additional support.

I can’t taste my e-liquid flavour properly

Ah, the dreaded vaper’s tongue! If you’ve been using the same flavour of e-liquid for a long time then you may notice this issue; it occurs when your taste buds get too used to the same flavour and aren’t able to recognise it properly. It’s an easy fix - try a new flavour for a little while and when you return to your old favourite it should taste just as good as you remember.

Vaping ManThere’s a burnt taste when I vape

Did you start vaping immediately after refilling your cartomiser? If so, that’s probably the issue. You need to give the e-liquid enough time to soak into the wick or you’ll notice that nasty burnt taste.

My e-cigarette isn’t producing enough vapour

Enjoy vaping but aren’t seeing those full clouds of vapour that you crave? It might be the e-liquid you’re using. While PG e-liquids can’t be beaten on taste, it’s VG e-liquids that produce big clouds of vapour. If you want the best of both worlds you can opt for a 50/50 split between PG and VG e-liquids.

I don’t get a good enough throat hit when I vape

Are you using a high VG e-liquid? If so, that’s probably why you’ve noticed there isn’t much of a throat hit when you vape. PG e-liquids provide a stronger throat hit so try switching to a PG e-liquid and you should get that hit that you crave.

Conversely, I get too much of a throat hit when I vape

There are two options here: One, you might be using an e-liquid that’s too high in nicotine for you. Try reducing the nicotine level to see if that helps. Two, try upping the ratio of VG e-liquid you use, as it’s known to provide a milder throat hit.

My battery isn’t working correctly

There are a few different reasons why your battery might not be operating correctly and we know how frustrating this issue is as it can really ruin your vaping experience. Here are a few things to look out for:

-Has it been fully charged with the correct charger? This might seem obviously but it’s surprising how often people use the wrong charger!

-Do you keep letting your battery fully drain before recharging it? Try charging it before it’s fully drained and you should notice an improvement

-How old is your battery? It’s possible it might need to be replaced


If you’ve been experiencing an issue with your e-cigarette then we hope you found the answer above! If not, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team or leave any queries on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll get back to you shortly.