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The Real Reason You Should Quit Smoking in 2020

18th Dec 2019

Why to quit smoking in 2020?It’s come to that time of year where we begin to assess, analyze and take stock of the year that was. As we begin to look with bright eyes, bushy tales and emboldened ambition at the new horizons and New Year that lie in wait, if you still smoke, then now might be the time to take those first few steps and finally quit smoking.

Sound like something you’re thinking about? Let’s take a look at how vaping e-cigarettes and e liquid can help you on your way to becoming a smoke-free healthy new you this New Year.

Why Now is the Best Time to Quit Smoking?

Binged your week’s quota of cigs staying up all night after the annual office party? Perhaps you’ve smoked incessantly to reduce the stress that Christmas shopping queues can induce? Whatever your reason for smoking this season, your body may well be saying that enough is enough. The festive season can be filled with parties, get-togethers and more than a few opportunities to light-up more than you normally would, which means there might not be a better time to think about becoming smoke-free by vaping and to finally quit smoking.

While it might seem like an obvious time of year to quit, making a New Years resolution along with some of your fellow smokers can provide you with the kind of additional support you need to become successfully smoke-free. Trying to stop smoking on your own has historically been a notoriously difficult thing to do, which is why doing it with fellow smoking friends may not be an opportunity you should pass up in a hurry. Sure, you can quit anytime, but as the old saying goes, ‘a problem halved is a problem shared’.

As well as the imminent arrival of a New Year, we, of course, are about to enter a new decade! If the betterment of your health isn't reason enough for you to stop smoking, why not resign your smoking days to the noughties and start the new decade with a fresh slate and a smoke-free new you? By choosing vaping as a way to help you quit cigarettes, you may find that the journey to becoming smoke-free is less strenuous than you first thought.

What to Expect – The Health Benefits

If you didn’t already know, cigarettes contain tens of thousands of toxic carcinogens, not to mention a heavy dose of carbon monoxide and tar that enter your body every time you light up. Responsible for 16% of adult fatalities in the UK, quitting cigarettes is only going to be of benefit to your health. While the immediate days after you quit smoking may seem like a struggle, starting the year afresh and free from smoke will mean that your body will experience those benefits almost immediately.

In the very first day and hours after your last cigarette, the oxygen levels in your body will return to normal and the carbon monoxide levels in your body will have already reduced by half. This means that not only is your body already working to remove the harmful toxins that cigarettes have put there, but your ability to breathe more easily will also begin to improve.

You may not have noticed, but when you smoke, your taste and smell are hugely diminished. Even though you think you've still got those senses, the reality is that you'll only be experiencing a fraction of the tastes and smells that your body encounters on a day-to-day basis. After two days free of cigarettes, your sense of taste and smell will begin to return to normal and you’ll start to notice the nice and the not so nice smells that you’ve been missing out on. Do you wear a particular jacket that you always smoke in? Now might be the time to give it a sniff and discover the whiff that your nearest and dearest have been experiencing all this time.

Once you've reached the three-day smoke-free mark, you may begin to notice that you have renewed energy levels. Whether it is being able to walk up that stairs that bit easier or play a full 90 minutes of football without thinking, 'when will this ever end?' - the first signs of what your body is capable of when you’re smoke-free will begin to appear. With a renewed vigour and revitalised healthy-self coming to the fore, you may even find yourself entering that marathon that you never thought would be a realistically achievable target.

In the coming weeks and months, your body will go through further changes and improvements. From increased blood circulation to your lungs finally becoming clear of all the excess waste that cigarette smoke leaves in your body, the various risks associated smoking-related diseases such as heart attacks, stroke and numerous cancers will begin to lessen and lessen.

  • 8 hours: Carbon Monoxide in your blood reduces by half and oxygen levels begin returning to normal.
  • 48 hours: Mucus begins to be cleared from the lungs and carbon monoxide from your last cigarettes has left the body. Taste and smell begin to improve.
  • 72 hours: energy levels begin to be restored and breathing becomes easier
  • 2 – 12 weeks: Your blood circulation begins to improve
  • 3 – 9 months: Coughing caused by mucus and other smoking debris leaving your lungs begins to cease.
  • 1 year: Risk of heart disease reduces to half compared with a smoker
  • 10 years: Risk of lung cancer reduces to half compared with a smoker
  • 15 years: Risk of heart attack is now the same as a non-smoker

How Else Will You Benefit When You Quit Smoking?

In addition to the vast benefits your body will experience when you quit smoking, there will be some other areas of your life that may notably benefit too. Smoking is harmful to not only you the smoker, but second-hand and third-hand smoke will be impacting non-smoking members of your family, friends and even your pets. Excess smoke that is released by cigarettes means that those who care to share your vicinity will be subject to the same poisonous fumes that you’ve become addicted to. The risk of your friends and family contracting things like; bronchitis, cancer, pneumonia or meningitis can be eliminated immediately by you quitting smoking today.

As much as quitting smoking will benefit yours and your loved one's health - your bank account may also begin to feel revitalized. With literally thousands of pounds of your hard-earned cash, set to be re-discovered, this time next year, you may well have saved enough to see you fly away to the Bahamas for some winter sun.

How to Start Vaping in the New Year

Did you know that vaping has helped an estimated 3 million smokers become smoke-free? Reported by Public Health England to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, vaping a nicotine-based e-liquid is now a common go-to for smokers trying to quit and become smoke-free. New research shows that e-cigarettes are up to twice as effective as other nicotine replacements such as gums or patches. Designed to simulate smoking and provide the hit of nicotine you need to curb any cravings you have from quitting, vaping uses a battery-powered e-cigarette device together with an often flavoured, nicotine-based e-liquid. Cheaper than smoking cigarettes, by vaping you could be about to start reaping some serious benefits. Sound appealing? Keen to know how to get started?

You may have noticed that vaping devices that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. When it comes to e-liquid, the choice of flavours and brands can seem unending. So where do you start? How do you start? Have no fear, for the most important thing to know, is that vaping doesn’t need to be complicated and you can start vaping straight away.

Vapour2’s simple e-cigarette starter kit provides an affordable and easy route for smokers to make the transition from smoker to vaper. Fuss-free, the Vapour2 Starter Pack comes with a rechargeable e-cigarette battery, USB charger and your choice of flavoured e-liquid to sample.

It might sound obvious, but the key to successfully quitting smoking by switching to vaping is to enjoy the vaping experience so much that you don't want to go back to smoking. A key contributing factor to your experience will be the taste of your e-liquid. Avoid buying cheap e liquids and opt for a premium e juice that uses quality ingredients. Cheap e liquids can leave a nasty aftertaste, which can be enough to put you off vaping altogether if you’re not careful. Choosing a premium e-liquid means that the ingredients will be of high quality and will typically taste great too.

Once you’ve found your favourite flavoured e-liquid and have found your vaping feet so to speak, you’ll be well placed to start investigating other vape devices like vape pods, vape mods and vape pens.

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Don’t Go Cold Turkey

While there may be surplus servings of cold turkey left for you to scoff come to Boxing Day, when it comes to quitting smoking, a paramount piece of advice that we can pass on to you, is to avoid going 'Cold Turkey'. Depending on how much nicotine your body may be used to daily, completely abstaining from any kind of nicotine, will put an unnecessary amount of stress on your body. Headaches, cold sweats, flu-like symptoms, unusually irritable and repetitive cravings to light up a cigarette will leave you feeling pretty fed up and will hardly be the fresh start to the New Year that you had hoped for when you decided to quit smoking.

To curb any cravings that you're likely to experience, vaping an e-liquid that has a nicotine strength similar to what you may be used to smoking, will mean that you can eliminate the countess carcinogenic materials produced from the combustion of tobacco, while still getting the nicotine your body needs. Available in 4 different nicotine strengths (0%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%), slowly but surely you'll be able to reduce the amount of nicotine your vaping and become both smoke-free and nicotine-free.

Get Support

Quitting smoking can be tough, which is why it’s important to have a support network of friends or family who can encourage you to continue your smoke-free mission. If there ever comes the time, where you might need some external advice or guidance, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team who will be on the end of the phone with any extra information and support you may need.

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