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Nyx Shortfill E-Liquids Review

26th Oct 2022

Multiple Nyx Shortfill E-Liquid Bottles and Variety of Fruits

The reasons for quitting smoking are clear. Not only does it lack taste and dull the senses but it's also a major risk to your health. Many turn to vaping e-liquids because they can control the nicotine level and eventually hope to quit both simultaneously. Shortfill e-liquids like from the Nyx brand are one of the solutions if you seek big clouds and max flavour.

There are two types of vaping techniques - mouth to lung, known as MTL vaping, which is often the technique used at the beginning after the switch from smoking. Then comes Sub-Ohm vaping, also known as direct lung, or DTL vaping. This is where shortfill e-liquids, and more importantly brands like Nyx, with their new shortfill range, enter the conversation.

Shortfill e-liquids are the easiest way to carry around larger quantities of vape juice when you want to vape while on the move. Whether it’s at work or on a night out, a shortfill bottle is more convenient because those who need e-liquid with nicotine can typically only buy 10ml bottles. But when you need to use more than 10ml, what do you do? Carry around multiple bottles in the bag all day, or need to find a local store?

Instead, with shortfills like Nyx, which are available in a variety of flavours, without nicotine, but with a gap to add a nic shot or two, that’s ideal for those who’ve already cut down their nicotine levels but need more juice away from home for the day. Roughly speaking a 50ml bottle of shortfill e-liquid with a 10ml space for a 20mg nic shot equates to 3mg per 60ml of mixed e-liquid, meaning it’s at the lower end of the scale for vapers and relates more to social smoking levels than heavy smokers.

In this review, we check out the best shortfill e-liquids Nyx have produced so far based on our opinion only. If you feel different, let us know in the review section of any of the Nyx products listed below.

What’s the Best Fruity Shortfill Flavour From Nyx?

Blueberry & Raspberry Nyx Shortfill E-Liquid Bottle

1. Blueberry and Raspberry

Millions are interested in vaping as a way to give up smoking because they’re intrigued by all the different flavour options available to them. Blueberry and raspberry is one of the richest shortfill e-liquids that we tried from their Sub-Ohm collection, with a delightful mixture of forest berries creating a sweet yet subtle blend to create voluminous clouds. At 70% VG and 30% PG like all of the Nyx shortfill e-liquids, you can expect bigger clouds of vapour than traditional freebase nicotine 50/50 e-liquids and not as high a strength of nicotine with shortfills compared to nic salts with less throat hit. This is your basic fruity-flavoured e-liquid with no icy texture or too sweet a taste.

Hi-Zen Heisenberg Nyx Shortfill E-Liquid Bottle

2. Hi-Zen Heisenberg

In recent years we’ve seen the rise of heisenberg as a popular flavour with vapours. The Hi-Zen version from Nyx follows that pattern with the perfect all-day vape, that’s a sweet mix of delicious strawberries and blueberries and an icy throat hit on the exhale. Thanks to the quantity available with 100ml bottles, you can carry this around and top up your tank or pod whether you vape daily or across the space of a few days. The ice texture on the puff out of your system means you can spread out the frequency you vape so you don’t feel like you constantly need large puffs often.

Strawberry & Watermelon Nyx Shortfill E-Liquid Bottle

3. Strawberry and Watermelon

This flavour should be on your refreshing summer e-liquid bucket list but is a nice choice whatever time of the year you want to vape. Like the previous option but more prominent because this shortfill e-liquid is particularly strong in terms of strawberry profile, which tastes slightly like the strawberry sauce you put on ice cream, it’s an interesting vape juice to pick up and use. And better yet, there is a welcome hint of watermelon meaning you get a combination of both sweet fruits. Also as a side note, it’s not a mix you often see together and for that reason certainly worth a try!

Rainbow Nyx Shortfill E-Liquid Bottle

4. Rainbow

Just like your favourite skittles sweet where you have all the colours of the rainbow, Nyx felt inspired when they made this e-liquid, blending a variety of different fruits to create this tantalising blend. A fantastic option to vape throughout the day or as a one-off treat following your meal as a sweet alternative to a dessert, it’s a rich textured vape that’s sweet but not too sickly in flavour. As a 0mg option, like the rest on this list, it’s great for those who are at the final stage of the vaping journey and just need to keep up the habit or those who like to vape something sweet, with a thick viscosity that produces more cloud and a smoother vape.

Blackcurrant Ice Nyx Shortfill E-Liquid Bottle

5. Blackcurrant Ice

Eerily reminiscent of blackcurrant lozenges for a sore throat, this vape e-liquid doesn’t cure any issues except help you get off the cigarettes! With the same sweet blackcurrant flavour as a soother sweet and giving just a hint of a throat hit, it’s the perfect Sub-Ohm option for anyone who loves blackcurrant. Even better it’s another from the collection with an icy exhale for those that like that sensation when they vape. Although we wouldn’t recommend adding an extra icy nic shot because it’s already packing a punch as it is.

Blue Raspberry Ice Nyx Shortfill E-Liquid Bottle

6. Blue Raspberry Ice

Last but not least we have blue raspberry ice. As a singular flavour, unlike the majority of the shortfill e-liquids in this list from Nyx, it still provides plenty of zest and life from one fruit in a nicotine-free vape juice bottle. Thanks to the icy exhale it’s another that creates a cooling experience at the end of each puff. Rich in bursting raspberry flavours with a tangy, it does not disappoint.


Nyx has done a fine job overall with these shortfill e-liquids of creating a collection of fruity flavours that go perfectly in most Sub-Ohm devices. They don’t cause any issues with low resistance coils despite their high viscosity as high VG e-liquids and yet give a nice smooth throat hit. Lasting a long time depending on how much you vape, each flavour creates a different sensation and gives the vaper a choice of whether they want to vape with or without nicotine (which is a lower amount than most 10ml nicotine e-liquids. The choice is up to you based on personal preference and what flavour you opt for and fancy at that moment during the day! Providing plenty of refreshing fruit mixtures, it’s great to mix and match to keep your palette interested.