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Voom makes stylish and sleek kits ideal for beginners due to their simplicity but just as useful for more experienced e-cigarette fanatics. Offering flavoursome pods ranging from traditional flavours like menthol to fruity options bursting with bold taste, vapers who select Voom are spoilt for choice. Alternatively, they can even find a different e-liquid and refill the pod themselves.

Voom Pod Starter Kit

We introduce you to the perfect beginner's vape kit - the Voom. The Voom is a pod vape device with a difference. It uses unique coil technology and a carefully formulated nicotine salt e-liquid blend...


Voom Nic-Salt Pods

Pod Salts by Voom are delicious e-liquid replacement pods designed for the Voom Pod Starter Kit. Available in packs of 3, these pods contain a powerful nicotine salt formula and advanced micron coil...


Voom Refillable Pods

The Voom refillable pods are intended for use with the Voom Pod Starter Kit only. These 1.2ml pods follow the same operation and design as the Voom prefilled pods, however they provide an option for...


Voom Portable Charging Case

The Voom Personal Charging Case has been designed for use with the Voom Pod Starter kit only. This case is pocket-sized and yet still boasts a 1200mah built-in battery, which has enough capacity to...