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Voom Standard Multipack Nic-Salt Pods

Voom Nic-Salt Pods

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Further Information

Pod Salts by Voom are delicious e-liquid replacement pods designed for the Voom Pod Starter Kit. Available in packs of 3, these pods contain a powerful nicotine salt formula and advanced micron coil technology for intense flavour.

Voom Flavour Pods

An extensive range of Voom Pods are available in tasty flavour blends including fruit, mint and tobacco. Pods are great value for money and provide between 250-300 puffs each.

Voom Prefilled Pods Features:

Tobacco - Tobacco e-liquid that features mild notes of roasted nut and a touch of caramel for a naturally sweet kick.

Mint - A sobering blast of ice that'll quickly cool you down and rid you of cravings. These pods feature notes of candied peppermint and a powerful menthol base to offer a truly authentic hit of minty flavour.

Ice Grape - Rich, dark and mysterious, the flavour of purple grapes is mellow and packed full of juicy notes. Fused with a frigid blast of menthol for balance, Voom Ice Grape Pods are cool and breezy, perfect for vaping all day long.

Ice Lemon - A lemonade-inspired flavour profile with a sharp menthol undertone. A fresh lemon flavour with a gentle sweetness, a touch of fizz and a heap of ice rounding every puff of with a tingly menthol throat hit.

Ice Mango - A lush blend of golden mango infused with a cool breeze. A tangy, warming flavour profile, which continues to satisfy every time you take a puff.

Ice Strawberry - A stunning balance between sweet and cool. The juicy strawberry base is wonderfully realistic, providing a mouth-watering blast of tangy flavour, which is quickly chased by a fresh hit of ice when you exhale.

Ice Watermelon - A tingly mix of melon and ice that'll wash over your senses like a cool tropical wave. Lightly sweet and intensely refreshing, these pods are ideal for all-day vaping.

Shisha Double Apple - A mix of green and red apples is sweet enough to satisfy and sharp enough to vape all day. A good pick for fruit fans looking for that extra burst of flavour.

Standard Multipack - This standard Voom nicotine salt multipack includes Tobacco, Roasted Coffee and Mint flavour pods. 

Fruit Multipack - A perfect choice for fruit flavour fans who are not sure which flavour to choose. This multipack includes Double Apple, Ice Strawberry & Ice Watermelon pods to help you make the right decision.

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