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Dinner Lady

A household name in the vaping industry, Dinner Lady produces some of the most innovative and exciting e-liquids known to vapers. From traditional tobacco flavours to desserts and fruit collections, expect the best taste bud satisfaction with each hit of vapour.

Dinner Lady FAQs

Why is Dinner Lady Such a Popular Brand With Vapers?

When you think of the best vape juice, one brand that always springs to mind for delicious e-liquid flavours is Dinner Lady. The trusted e-liquid manufacturer is not only known for their innovation but for their wide collection of flavours in different consistencies, each with a unique taste profile.

What are the Best Flavours?

Take your pick from hundreds of varying smooth e-liquids, ranging from old-school desserts like apple crumble to rich tobacco flavours. You can opt for different ratios depending on whether you want more cloud (high VG percentage), balanced vape juice at 50PG/50VG or a stronger throat hit (high PG). Each ratio offers a different flavour, so it’s just a case of finding your favourite e-liquid flavour from Dinner Lady and pairing it with the best ratio. Here are some of their top flavours:

  1. Lemon Tart
  2. Vanilla Tobacco
  3. Bubblegum Ice
  4. Heisen Lady
  5. Peach Mint Ice Tea

How Did the Brand Begin?

Based in the UK since 2016 but now a globally recognised name, Dinner Lady vape epitomises e-liquid creativity. It all began with the introduction of the iconic lemon tart shortfill e-liquid. With moorish textures and sweet notes that bring nostalgic value - reminding all of the classic desserts, Dinner Lady hit the right notes straight away with vapers.

The brand initially started with shortfill e-liquids at a 70VG/30PG ratio for excellent clouds and flavour but has since grown the brand even further with disposables and everyday e-liquids at 10ml. Each bottle is tested thoroughly during and after the manufacturing process to ensure high quality from each ingredient.