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Product Care

How to look after your vaping products

We all want the products we buy to last as long as possible. Here are some recommendations that will help you get the best and the most out of your vaping products.

  • Reading the manuals and the instructions. This may seem an obvious statement but you will be surprised by how many problems are created because the manuals are not read. You can find a lot of information in our Customer Information Brochure

V2 Electronic Cigarettes Product Care Booklet


  • Contact our CUSTOMER SERVICES if you are unsure of anything

V2 e cigarette help

  • Keeping your batteries, cartridges, mini tanks and tanks clean is really important.

    a)      Keep your battery terminal clean. Use a cotton bud and a little surgical spirits on the terminal. 

    b)      You can also do the same on the head of the cartridge or tank.

    c)      Clearomiser or Mini tanks: Our mini tank the EX Series EX-Blank is not designed to be washed but should be replaced after 15-20 refills.

    Mouthpieces: if they are removable gently blow through and use a twist of tissue to clear away any debris or condensed liquid. You could try rinsing it in warm water but be sure to leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. Remember that water and electricity do not mix.

If you have one of our Pro Series 3 or 7 devices we would really recommend that you consider the V2 Pro Cleaning Kit

v2 pro vape pen cleaning kit

  • Never let you e liquid run low in the tank. Insufficient e liquid can lead to a dry burn which leaves a burnt taste and can burn out the tank.

  • Tanks, mini tanks and coils are consumables and should be replaced as directed. If you hear a gurgling noise or get a burnt taste it is time to change.

  • Do not overfill your mini tank, clearomiser or tank. Make sure you keep the liquid on the line provided. Overfilling will result in leakage and liquid in your mouth. We recommedn that you watch the following videos from our Video gallery 
  • If you use too much force when screwing on your clearomiser you will damage the connections and also run the risk of breaking it. Gently does it and tighten only by hand.

  • If you are using pre-filled cartridges we recommend that that you change them immediately you get a light burnt taste that would indicate that the cartridge needs replacement. You could also use our EX Series pre-filled cartridges. They have a little window which shows the level of liquid in the cart.

vapour2 vaping: trust, taste, tech; ex-series vape cartridges

  • Never let you battery run totally down. Ensure that they are fully charged before packing them away. Keeping them charged will extend the battery life.

  • Never keep your battery near high temperatures.

  • We recommend that you store your e liquid in a cool dark place. Keep it away from the light. E Liquid does not like heat, air or light. Light and air oxidizes nicotine and can result in a change of colour.  It also changes the taste as flavours degrade faster than nicotine.

  • If you are storing e liquid use the fridge or better still the freezer. This will make it thicker but you just need to gently warm it up before you try and use it again. The liquid should not freeze as both PG and VG e liquids have low freezing points. 
  • Store your products correctly.

    a)     Never leave the e cig with a cartridge or clearomiser lying on its side.  It is best to store them upright. Some of our customers use little candle stock holder for this purpose.

    b)     Keep away from water.

    c)      Keep away from direct sunlight

    d)     Keep away from high temperatures

    e)      Keep them in a case when not in use

    f)       Do not put them in a shirt pocket or your trouser pocket

    g)    Do not put them in your handbags or manbags.

Why not try out the carry cases, or lanyards?

v2-pro-series-3-vaporizer-black-lanyardv2 e cig metal carry case categoryv2 e cigarette lanyards category