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Reimagined from the ground up, VERTX is unlike any other micro-cig available on the market today. Sleek exterior and innovative engineering.

The VERTX Plus has touch screen control & variable voltage to change the amount of vapour produced. The standard VERTX has a single button to press. The prefilled and refillable drop-in cartridges work with both devices, giving you the options of convenience and flexibility. The battery level indicator and e liquid gauge let you see when you need to top up. The Stealth Mode option turns off the lights and VERTX can also be used whilst charging.

These are the features V2 customers requested and VERTX delivers them.

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  • Vertx Kit

    An easy to use high-capacity cartridge system with long lasting battery life Reimagined from the ground up, VERTX is unlike any other micro-cig available on the market today. From its sleek exterior to the innovative...

  • Vertx Plus Kit

    The micro-cig with electronic touch screen power settings & up to 650 puffs per cartridge We started with a blank sheet of paper and a goal to reimagine every aspect of the e-cigarette experience. The result is...

  • VERTX Plus Blank Cartridge Pack

    With VERTX Plus, we created a sleek, ultra-portable design with many of the features and functions of a box-mod. A flat edge contains a touch-screen control for setting the voltage and brightness of your device,...

  • VERTX Blank Cartridge Pack

    A completely redesigned heating element gives this micro-cig longer battery life than any other battery in the micro-cig category. Streamlined design paired with high-capacity cartridges make VERTX as durable as it is...

  • VERTX Flavour Cartridges (3-Pack)

    Prefilled cartridge 3-packs for both the VERTX & VERTX Plus. The VERTX line of cartridges is compatible with both VERTX & VERTX Plus models. These cartridges are a revolutionary design; the first of their kind...

    £14.99 £9.95
  • Vertx Blank Cartridges

    The breakthrough performance of VERTX and VERTX Plus is now available with a refillable blank cartridge. Discover the superior flavour and vapour of the industry’s most powerful micro-cig paired with your...


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