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V2 PRO Vaporizers & Trinity Box Mod

Want a sub-ohm experience ? You’ll never look back.

One puff is all it will take to convince you that the PRO Series "all-in-one" e liquid, tobacco and dry herb vaporizers are the easy way forward. One vaporizer, 3 different cartridge/tank options, for all your vaping needs. Whilst the Trinity Box Mod gives your e juice a true sub-ohm experience.

Whether you opt for the V2 PRO 3 or the increased capacity and functionality of the advanced PRO 7 vaporizer, the vaping experience that both deliver is, quite simply, a revelation. Both are among the best e-liquid, tobacco, wax and dry herb vaporizers in the UK.

This is how vaping should be. Better still, the PRO Series Vaporizers and Trinity Box Mods are amazingly good value, easily beating any comparable multi-function vaporizer on the market.


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