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V2 PRO Series 7 Loose Leaf Tobacco Cartridge

Vapour2 PRO Series 7 Loose Leaf Cartridge

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Further Information

The Pro Series 7 is optimized for use with both e-liquid and dry herb. Your Pro 7 can heat this dry herb cartridge to 3 different temperatures (200/210/225 degrees C) allowing you more flexibility with your dry herb vaping.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Cartridge

The multi function vaporizer has one of the fastest heat-up times in the industry.

It heats your preferred dry leaf ingredients to optimal temperature in just 20-25 seconds. This cartridge uses heat not burn conduction heating to create a rich satisfying vapour.

The Series 7 can be programmed to your choice of three dry herb temperature settings, allowing you to customise your heat not burn vape experience to suit your preference. If you don’t want to manually select a temperature, Series 7 has smart technology that will recognise the cartridge type and warm to the optimum temperature automatically.

When filling your Series 7 heat not burn cartridge, use dry leaf tobacco or dry herb that is ground or shredded. Be sure not to pack leaf too tightly or fill beyond the white ceramic line. Slide the cartridge into the recessed chamber and push the activation button to begin the heating process. Once the LED perimeter has turned green, puff freely without pushing the button. Your device will cut off automatically after 120 seconds of use.

Dry Herb Vaping

Vaping dry herb using heat not burn technology will not give masses of vapour. The active ingredients in most dry herb are colourless when they are vaporized, so there is not much to see! But you will certainly taste and feel your dry herb while vaping. If you would like more vapour why not try dripping a few drops of zero nicotine e liquid on to the loose leaves in the cartridge to moisten them slightly.

The loose leaf cartridge takes approximately 20 seconds to heat up to the optimum temperature. Fill the tank to the correct level with your favourite dry herb and vape for one cycle. You will find that with many dry herb products you can vape through a second cycle, use the tool supplied to stir or mix the content between cycles.

When you first start out you need to establish which of the three temperature modes best suits your dry herb. Depending on a number of things including moisture content one of the three temperatures will optimise performance results. Start at the low temperature setting, see how this feels and if there is little effect increase through the range. You will find that one or other setting will give you best results!

Don't Smoke, Heat Don't Burn Tobacco

Smokers vape using e liquid most of the time. Often however they find certain trigger times when for what ever reason they have a cigarette or two. Our Heat not burn tobacco vaping products fill this gap ensuring that you can get off cigarettes totally and still have your tobacco when those trigger times happen.

Heat not burn tobacco vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking as no combustion takes place, so there is no smoke or ash.

We recommend that you change your cartridge when you notice that the vapour quality has diminished. This varies depending on usage, maintenance, etc.

Provided that your Loose Leaf cartridge is properly cleaned after every use it is expected that it will last several months before needing replacement.

Maintenance (with included tools) can help prolong the lifespan; however it will eventually wear out.  





Customer Reviews

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  • Excellant

    Posted by Julia Trapp on 1st Mar 2020

    Love this cartridge and the pro series 7 kit, versatile, easy to use and great to smoke. The temperature changes are great and the cartridge lasts for a good amount of time. Customer service is superb, always very efficient and kind. I have used the pro 7 for over 5 years with no problems, Thank YOU V2cigs.

  • Series & loose leaf cartridges

    Posted by Rob Miller on 30th Oct 2019

    The new version of these cartridges are higher capacity and are much better for that.
    The series 7 is an excellent piece of equipment and the customer service people at Vapour are truly great.

  • Exactly as described

    Posted by Stanislav German on 16th May 2019

    Quick delivery! Exactly as original! Working perfectly! Arrived with cleaning accessories.

  • High quality

    Posted by Andrea on 21st Nov 2018

    These cartridges are very good. I find myself very well using it, though sometimes it could last a bit more. But I'm very happy.

  • Best for dry her vaping

    Posted by yalin aksoy on 22nd Apr 2017

    Series 7 changed my smoking habit completely and thanks v2 team for fast delivery and great service.

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