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Shisha Pen Kit

Vapour2 Shisha Pen

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£26.75 £19.99
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Further Information

A cost-effective way to get your first Shisha vape pen with all the hardware necessary to start vaping. All you need is some V2 E-Liquid.

  • Rechargeable Battery (Medium or Long, Automatic or Manual)
  • EX Blank (e-liquid tank)
  • USB Express Charger

Classic Shisha Pen Kit is a really cost effective way to get your first Shisha Pen from the high quality and trusted brand of V2Cigs.

You can use any of the V2Cigs Platinum E Liquids with the EX Blank that comes with your Vape Pen. V2 Cigs E Liquids are available with either Zero Nicotine or up to three nicotine strengths, the choice is yours.

We recommend that you purchase one of V2Cigs 6 Flavour Sampler Packs with your Shisha Pen because it contains 6 different flavoured cartridges that all fit your Shisha Pen battery.

Once you know your favourite flavours you can then top up your Ex Blank Cartridge with your favourite E-Liquid flavour.

Some of our most popular flavours include:  Grape, Peppermint, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, Red-Tobacco, Congress-Tobacco, Sahara-Tobacco and Menthol-Tobacco.



Customer Reviews

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  • Classic Shisha Pen Kit

    Posted by Mrs Elaine Gregor on 13th Mar 2017

    I did a lot of research before ordering my Classic Shisha Pen Kit and I've got to say I'm very impressed with it. It's still early days (I only started vaping 13 days ago). Battery length is great, lasts me all day, so I only need to charge it once a day. For someone who's smoked 15-20 a day for over 40 years I'm finding the 0.6mg strength a little weak as I seem to be inhaling more deeply to get that hit at the back of my throat, but will stick with them as the whole idea is to not stay addicted to the nicotine. The initial outlay can seem costly but the overall savings will pay dividends in the future.

  • Finally off tobacco for good!

    Posted by Lily on 25th Mar 2015

    It's now three weeks since I stopped smoking tobacco and it's all down to this shisha pen! It has a good throat hit, produces lots of vapour and is really smooth. The battery lasts me most of the day. I bought an express charger along with this and an extra battery so I'm not caught with a low battery. The Ex blanks seem to last around a week for me. I use it with vanilla liquid at medium strength and even after 20 odd years of smoking I can't imagine wanting a cigarette. I never thought I would write that sentence! Excellent product.

  • Satisfying cig

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jan 2015

    I am very pleased with my V2 UK sisha pen. It is slim, l could choose the colour, it gives a good draw and it was inexpensive.

  • Slim, Sleek and Sexy!

    Posted by Wendy on 23rd Jun 2014

    I have enjoyed using the V2Shisha pen especially the manual battery version. I find the battery life to be excellent and the secondary purchase of the mobile charger excellent. I go away for camping weekends with friends and find that I am now fully "charged" wherever I go.

    I recommend this new style of shisha to anyone.

  • Very elegant!

    Posted by Egnan on 10th Jun 2014

    Had been using this type of vaporizer for several months, when i came across the V2 Shisha Pen. For a lady, this is so much more elegant, and i wouldn't go back to the ugly, bulky type offered by other manufacturers. The price of the starter kit is very reasonable, although i think replacement batteries are expensive. My only gripe is that V2 do not sell the USB charger (with lead)separately. Why?

  • Originally a pipe smoker

    Posted by Will Bennett on 20th May 2014

    I smoke a pipe,its just the tobacco and stem nothing in between. So vapour and nicotine are high. For a cigarette substitute this product is more than adequate.
    I didn`t get enough vapour,and using the highest %nicotine I didn`t satisfy my craving.
    I am a heavy smoker and like the throat hit from my pipe.
    I`ve willed it to work for me as there`s no pipe cleaning to do,I can use it where I want plus health reasons.
    Its v good as a cigarette sustitute and will praise it.But due to my habit being so strong I must be the 1 in a million it didn`t work for.

  • Very Good - Shame About the Blanks

    Posted by Lily on 23rd Apr 2014

    Absolutely LOVE the V2s, beautifully shaped batteries, work well and last long enough. Charges well, and safely. I keep mine in an old case from my last E-cig, a case is, in my mind, a necessary - but you can get an acceptable case from anywhere, and just use it as a case.
    The blanks also work well, they burn from the top, which is problematic, but because the whole thing is thin and light, holding it at an angle isn't too hard. The biggest problem is the price, they only last two weeks of so, and are very expensive. I have had a problem with flooding, which one doesn't expect from something of this price.

  • Excellent

    Posted by Gareth Lewis on 28th Jan 2014

    Although they are not the most subtle of items they are very very good at delivering a smooth and rich smoking sensation and I feel better than normal cartridges. Especially the fact that you can actually see your running out instead of relying on the taste and sensation alone.

  • Improvement on previous container

    Posted by Laurine on 9th Jan 2014

    I regard the container of the V2 Shisha Pen UK an improvement on previous container. It does not leak into your mouth as much plus the screw-on top is much better than the former push-on top which would release itself now and then.
    The only draw back I find is the fact you have to lift the pen horizontally when it is nearly empty. But this is only a minor thing.
    Overall I find this container a significant inprovement of the older model. Well done!

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