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RipStick Device & RipStick Pods

For those wanting a little bit more out of their vape - RipTide arrives on UK shores to introduce a brand new vaping experience. Coined as the next generation in technology, the RipStick brings together a vape pod system that works seamlessly with an array of flavoursome disposable pods.

What’s so unique about RipTide? Each flavoured disposable pod is powered by NicTech, a man-made synthetic nicotine which contains no Benzoic acid like traditional tobacco plant extract, but delivers higher satisfaction and is able to produce a better tasting draw.

Shop RipTide RipStick, Vape Pods & Packs

Browse the full range of RipTide products below including the RipStick vape pod, RipStick starter kit, and all 6 flavours of the RipStick vape pods. The RipStick showcases modern design and has been “developed in partnership with real vaping customers”. Along with this, the pre-filled vape pods host no impurities; the end result is a cleaner, crisper draw that’s unrivalled. Ride the wave and find out first-hand why the RipStick is a pod kit like no other.

RipStick Starter Kit

Get the RipStick Starter Kit and enjoy next-generation nicotine, delivered by a superior vape pod system, with everything you need. Introducing a truly tobacco-free vaping experience with the RipStick Starter Kit. Using enhanced tobacco-free nicotine...


RipStick Device

Looking for a vape device that'll genuinely satisfy your craving for nicotine? The RipStick is the brand new device that uses its 500mAh battery to power its unique RipStick pods. The RipStick by RipTide has arrived. The vape pod system uses the latest...


RipStick Pod

Let the RipStick pre-filled pods satisfy your nicotine cravings beyond expectation with next generation synthetic nicotine in 6 delicious e-liquid flavours. RipStick e-liquid pods by RipTide are free from Benzoic acid - the main ingredient used in...


RipStick Pods x5

Get a richer and smoother nicotine experience with the revolutionary RipStick vape pod, powered by synthetic nicotine: NicTech. Purchase a bundle of 5 disposable pods for your RipStick for a greater saving. RipStick e-liquid pods are free from Benzoic...