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Dry Herb Grinders

Due to popular demand from our PRO S3 and PRO S7 Series Vaporizer customers we are stocking a small selection of high quality dry herb grinders manufactured by Space Case, Sharpstone and Compton.

Top quality & great value, in two and four piece zinc alloy,these aerospace grade aluminium & titanium herb grinders are ideal for use with vaporizers that have loose leaf/dry herb cartridge options. Many grinders include sifters, pollen scrapers & magnetized lids.

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  • Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Grinder Gold

    Cali Crusher presents the revolutionary American made Homegrown Grinder. This is the next level in grinder technology, packed with features unseen on any other grinder before. Most notable is original 4-Way Quicklock...

    £79.75 £68.75
  • Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Pocket Black

    Cali Crusher brings you the revolutionary USA-made Homegrown dry herb grinder in a smaller pocket size. This grinder features the latest in patented technology to provide you with the most cutting edge features you have...

    £79.75 £68.75
  • Space Case Grinder Titanium Magnetic 4 Piece Silver Large

    Space Case Aluminium Grinders - Large 4 Piece high quality precision tooled grinder.  Dimensions: 8.9cm wide X 7cm high   Space Case Grinders are highly engineered & long lasting. They are quality...

    £79.75 £68.75
  • Black Sharpestone 4 piece two and half inch grinder

    SharpStone grinders offer excellent quality, a good grind, and at great prices. Welcome to the new SharpStone Grinder! This re-designed grinder still provides you with the same great features of the original SharpStone...

    £34.49 £31.25
  • Space Case Grinder Black Magnetic 2 Piece

    The Original Authentic Space Case is the highest quality grinder available. Space Case Titanium Grinder - 2 Piece Medium  CNC machined using the latest technology. Made of Aluminum. Manufactured using aircraft...

    £63.49 £51.49
  • Space Case Magnetic Grinder 4 Piece Silver - Medium

    Space Case Aluminium Grinders - MEDIUM 4 Piece Magnetic Grinder & Sifter (Silver)  Dimensions: 6.25cm wide X 5cm high   Original Space Case Grinders are a very high quality grinder which are worth paying...

    £72.49 £62.25
  • Best Herb Grinders - Space Case Magnetic Grinders

    Space Case Aluminium Grinders - Silver 4 Piece Magnetic Grinder & Sifter - Small Original Space Case Grinders are high quality grinders worth paying a premium for. If you want the best grinder then always consider...

    £63.49 £51.49
  • Vapour2 Grinder

    Maximize the performance of your loose leaf cartridges with a perfectly ground leaf ingredient. The Vapour2 PRO Grinder easily shreds your choice of dried herb to a uniform consistency, ensuring rich, thick vapour...


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