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Electronic Tobacco Vaporizer e-Cigarettes

dry herb tobacco vaporizer reviews

Is 'heat-not-burn', to vape tobacco, more pleasurable than using an e-cigarette?

Some ex-smokers, or those trying to stop smoking, love heat-not-burn and vape tobacco using a HnB e-cigarette. They love the fact that it’s actual tobacco, rather than an e-liquid that has been formulated to taste like tobacco. 

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● Vaping tobacco directly in our range of electronic tobacco vaporizers gives a closer experience to smoking. Some may find this helpful in transitioning away from cigarettes especially in the early stages. We believe e cigarettes are a better choice as they probably represent the “least harm” route to stop smoking. Whilst the majority of smokers should look to vaping as a way to quit, some smokers may prefer a more familiar experience in order to increase their chances of stopping. Heat-not-burn manages to more closely replicate the smoking experience.

● Heat-not-burn (HnB) users often prefer the idea they are ‘vaping’ loose leaf tobacco, which is a natural substance. This is seen by some smokers as preferable to the synthetic e-liquids that are available, some of which (PG for example) can irritate the throat of a small percentage of users. If you've tried e cigarettes and they haven't helped you switch then these tobacco vaporizer kits from V2 Cigs UK could help you start your new journey away from smoking.

All devices are capable of vaping dry herb, e liquid and wax too. One device for all your vaping needs.

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  • PRO 3 Tobacco Vape Kit + Dry Herb Grinder. Heat Not Burn

    The best value slim PRO 3 tobacco vape kit. Includes dry herb/tobacco loose leaf and e-Juice cartridges and a herb grinder for heat not burn vaping. Heat Not Burn Tobacco Vaporizer Kit: PRO 3 with Dry Herb Grinder Not...

  • PRO 7 Tobacco Vape Kit with tobacco, dry-herb and e liquid cartridges

    The V2 PRO 7 tobacco vaporizer kit is the ideal heat not burn solution to your vaping needs. Vape tobacco, dry herb and e liquid. Heat Not Burn Tobacco Vaporizer Kit: V2 PRO 7 This electronic tobacco vape kit includes both...

  • Heat Not Burn PRO 3 Tobacco Vape Kit.

    The V2 PRO 3 slim tobacco vape pen kit with dry herb tobacco and e liquid cartridge is the ideal heat not burn vaping solution. Heat Not Burn Tobacco Vaporizer Kit: PRO 3 Not only is the V2 PRO 3 one of the best...

  • PRO 7 electronic Tobacco Vape Kit + Dry Herb Tobacco Grinder. Heat Not Burn

    Best Heat Not Burn Vaping solution including Vapour2 PRO Dry Herb/Tobacco Grinder. Vape tobacco, dry herb and e liquid. Heat Not Burn Tobacco Vaporizer Kit: PRO 7 With Dry Herb Loose Leaf Grinder This electronic tobacco...


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