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About RipStick and NicTech

Riptide NicTech Technology

Introducing RipTide® RipStick and NicTech

Looking for a vape device that'll genuinely satisfy your craving for nicotine? The RipStick is the brand new device from RipTide that uses its 500mAh battery to power its unique RipStick pods. What’s different? With NicTech™ in the pods you’ll be vaping a new type of nicotine.

Ripstick Specifications



Introducing the next generation in Nicotine. RipTide® powered by NicTech™, is an innovative and intensely satisfying nicotine experience, providing cleaner, crisper flavour, and a smoother-that-salt draw.

Designed by smokers for smokers, RipTide has created an unforgettable vaping experience that gives you the satisfaction of a cigarette without the tobacco. Our breakthrough nicotine technology gives you heightened nicotine satisfaction and a neutral taste palate, without the need for benzoic acid in the manufacturing process.

NICTECH Technology

Ripstick Starter Kit


Sampler pack of 6 NicTechpods (for the price of 5)

Riptide Ripstick Sample Pack

OFFER £16.99

Let the RipStick pre-filled pods satisfy your nicotine cravings beyond expectation with next generation tobacco free nicotine called NicTech, in 6 delicious e-liquid flavours.

All of our RipStick Pods are available in 2 different strengths of synthetic e-liquid: 12mg/ml and 20mg/ml. 

Bright Leaf Tobacco
Blue Raspberry
Berry Crunch


Riptide Lifestyle

Myblu, Juul and Ripstick comparison chart

Riptide Synthetic nicotine means tobacco free vaping