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VSAVI high VG Shortfill E-Liquid 40ml Strawberry Milkshake

VSAVI Shortfill E-Liquid 0mg 40ml

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Further Information

VSAVI high VG Short Fill e-liquids (70:30 VG/PG) come with 40ml of nicotine free e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, leaving 20ml of space to add up to 2 bottles of 10ml nicotine-shots. They produce an e-liquid mix that is perfect to use with Vape Mods.

All VSAVI Short Fill flavours are nicotine free so that you can simply vape them as they are, or add upto 20ml of Nic-shots. The VSAVI short fill range comes in bottles that are not filled to the top (there is 20ml of free space) so you just can just add your nicotine shot to the same e-juice bottle, no need to buy extra bottles for mixing.

Once you have mixed the short fill flavour and Nic-shot, in the correct proportions, shake the bottle vigorously for about a minute and then you can start vaping, ideally using one of our vape kits for the best results. There is an added bonus, you save money if you Shake-n-Vape.

70VG 30PG Ratio, 0% Nicotine

  • Strawberry Milkshake - Delightful sweet yet creamy taste from strawberry milkshake will bring back sweet memories.
  • Banana Pudding - Well balanced combination of sweet banana and creamy vanilla make a perfect blend of deliciously irresistible banana pudding.
  • Blackberry Yogurt - Creamy Greek Yoghurt mixed with Blackberries to give you a perfect balanced fruit yogurt vape with a smooth vanilla twist.
  • Granny's Strudel - Definitive dessert vape, characterised by crisp apple slices, dusted in cinnamon and baked into a delicious flaky pie crust. Our favourite shake and vape e-juice!
  • Juicy - Papaya sweetness featuring cantaloupe combined with orange and ripened strawberry notes will leave an amazing refreshing juicy aftertaste.
  • Tropical Island - Tropical delight short fill with a delicious blend of watermelons and strawberries, delicately finished with a hint of fresh kiwi.

Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots are available as separate purchase. Just add 1 or 2 bottles to your order above.

  • Add 1 bottle of VSAVI Nic-Shot 100% Unflavoured Nicotine Base 18mg to get 50ml of 3.6mg (3.6%) e liquid.
  • Add 2 bottles of VSAVI Nic-Shot 100% Unflavoured Nicotine Base 18mg to get 60ml of 6mg (6%) e liquid.

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