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  • V2 PRO Vaporizer Series 7 in Black Blue & Silver
  • Vapour2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Kit
  • Heat not Burn tobacco, dry herb and e liquid vaporizer
  • V2 PRO Vaporizer Series 7 UK. Best Dry Herb, e liquid  & Tobacco Vaporiser Kit

Vapour2 PRO Series 7 Vaporizer


Further Information

The Series 7 Vaporiser has 3 convenient, easy to use replaceable ”drop-in” e liquid, loose leaf and wax cartridges & great battery capacity.

The Pro 7 features one of the industry’s fastest heat up times for the loose leaf cartridges.

The V2 Cigs Pro 7 gets great reviews and is simply the best tobacco vaporizer and dry herb vaporizer out there. It also loves e liquid.

A multi function portable vaporizer with maximum power and capacity, the Series 7 offers a custom experience with variable temperature and voltage settings.  

  • V2 PRO Series 7 vaporiser pen (choose from Black, Stainless Steel and Blue)
  • Magnetic USB charging lead
  • Wall adapter (UK or EU)
  • Magnetic E-Liquid Cartridge
  • Magnetic Loose Leaf Tobacco Cartridge
  • Pick and brush tools used for Tobacco/Herb Cartridge maintenance

Available for separate purchase:

  • PRO Series 7 Liquid Cartridge
  • PRO Series 7 Loose Leaf Tobacco Cartridge
  • Platinum E-Liquid
  • PRO Series 7 Wax Cartridge
  • PRO Series 7 Charging Cable
  • Auto Charger
  • Cleaning Kit
  • PRO Series 7 Lanyard
  • Grinders

V2 Pro Series 7 Variable Voltage Vaporizer

The V2 PRO S7 vaporizer kit includes everything you need to start enjoying Series 7, plus a few extras.

Each Series 7 vaporizer is equipped with the smart technology and premium features that define Series 3 with important extra features like variable voltage and temperature settings (200°C/390°F, 210°C/415°F and 225°C/440°F).

These advanced features combined with larger cartridge capacities and extended battery life make Series 7 the ultimate 3-in-1 portable vaporizer for both e liquid, tobacco and dry herb.

Like the Series 3 vape pen, the Series 7 Vaporizer offers compatible cartridges for three, unique mediums: loose leaf tobacco, e-liquid and wax. Once you’ve filled your chosen cartridge with your preferred medium and inserted it into the cartridge chamber, you can select your voltage or temperature setting. If you’re not sure which setting you prefer, the smart technology of Series 7 will recognise the cartridge type and automatically heat to optimum vaporizing temperature.

Your Series 7 Kit contains:

  • S7 Vaporizer Unit
  • S7 magnetic USB charging cord
  • Wall adapter (UK or EU)
  • S7 E Liquid cartridge
  • S7 Loose Leaf Tobacco/Dry Herb cartridge
  • Pick and brush tools used for basic loose leaf cartridge maintenance

To use your S7 portable vaporizer, unpack the components, connect the magnetic charging cord to your device and plug into a compatible USB port or the wall adapter to fully charge it.

The Series 7 Vaporizer is available in a choice of three colours: Black, Steel and Blue.

Additional loose leaf tobacco, wax and e-liquid cartridges are available for separate purchase when you need to replace your existing cartridges.

The V2 Pro Series 7 Kit offers unrivalled performance combined with incredible value. One device for all your vaping needs.

Vaping Tobacco

Not only is the the Pro 7 one of the best vaporizers for e liquid it can also be used as a tobacco vaporizer (wax and dry herb too) by swapping out the e liquid cartridge for a tobacco dry herb cartridge. The Pro 7's chip recognises each cartridge and changes heat settings automatically. Vaping tobacco or vaping dry herb using heat not burn technology will not give masses of vapour. Nicotine (and the active ingredients in dry herb) when vaporized is colourless so there is not much to see! But you will certainly taste and feel your tobacco or dry herb while vaping. If you would like more vapour why not try dripping a few drops of zero nicotine e liquid on to the loose leaves in the cartridge to moisten them slightly.

When you first start out you need to establish which of the three temperature modes best suits your tobacco/dry herb. Depending on a number of things including moisture content one of the three temperatures will optimise performance results. Start at the low temperature setting, see how this feels and if there is little effect increase through the temperature range. You will find that one or other heat setting will give you best results!

The dry herb/tobacco loose leaf cartridge takes approximately 20 seconds to heat up to the optimum temperature. Fill the tank to the correct level with your favourite tobacco or dry herb and vape for one cycle. make sure tobacco is ground down. (see our grinders) You will find that with many tobacco and dry herb products you can vape through a second cycle, use the tool supplied with the dry herb tobacco cartridge to stir or mix the content between cycles.

Dont Smoke, Heat Don't Burn Tobacco

Some smokers vape using e liquid most of the time. Often however they find certain trigger times when, for what ever reason, they have a cigarette or two. Our Heat not burn tobacco vaping products fill this gap ensuring that you can get off cigarettes totally and still have your tobacco when those trigger times occur. The Pro 7's 3-in-one technology means you can have one device for all your vaping needs. The best vape tobacco kit available.

Heat not burn tobacco vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking. Get the best tobacco vaporizer there is, the Pro 7.


Which is the Best E Liquid to use with my S7 Vaporizer?

Please remember to buy e liquid with your order. V2 E Liquid is batch tested for high quality, purity & great taste and is the best e-liquid to use with your V2 PRO S7.


The V2 PRO Series 7 Vaporizer Kit

 The Uk's Best Tobacco Vaporizer

A USA plug is shown in this image, please select a UK or EU Wall Adapter above.


The V2 PRO S7 versus the Pax Vaporizer.

V2 PRO Series Compare to Pax Vaporizer

Customer Reviews

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  1. V7 pro

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2018

    It’s good I’m still using my old one too

  2. Genuine Satisfaction!

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2018

    Excellent value for money product, excellent customer service!!! Genuinely impressed!!

  3. Excellent

    Posted by on 3rd May 2018

    I use this vape pen for herb. I smokes nice funky taste from vaping not burning but a better high indeed. Dont even use alot of greenery in the vape pen its self.

  4. So far so good

    Posted by on 2nd Mar 2018

    Really impressed with the build of the series 7, does the job excellent battery life and the dry herb vape is great, two weeks smoke free so far one more week and it's paid for it's self. Just as well as I'm going to need a new e liquid chamber before long.

  5. fantastic produst but simple floors that could be sorted

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2017

    having used this product for over a year now and not smoked a cigarette since this product does help you to stop smoking however the oil refill cartridges are expensive and the plastic they use is very ... very very poorly made so they break extremely easily making you order a new one every month or so. (still cheaper than fags but that bit is a rip off) They could make their oil refills and the silly plastic bit on top from a lot stronger plastic or even at least give you two plastic mouthpieces with every oil container then when the flimsy plastic clips snap which they will and always do you would have a spare for the life of the oil container. I now myself have sat on my desk 4 oil containers and two broken but slightly usable plastic mouthpieces and the oil container and mouthpiece i am currently using which again is broken. which means you don't get a full suction from the oil container every time so basically 5 oil copntainers all of which are fine and no mouthpieces to get a good puff!! V2 sort yourselves out its a simple job to use a plastic that doesnt break when you unscrew it to fill up your tanks or failing that sell the plastic mouthpieces separately!! other than that people reading this review its a good product to stop the fags and settle for something (supposedly ATM) more healthy!!

    Response From Team V2: We are aware that this is an issue and are working with the manufacturers to remedy this situation. We do offer replacements so please call us to arrange for them.

  6. Vapour 2 Pro series 7

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2017

    So far this is the best one on the downside it is very expensive I've only had it a week and it seems like money well spent it's the nearest to having a real fag providing you use their liquid

  7. Awesome

    Posted by on 12th Aug 2017

    I bought the pro series 7 after a lot of research. for its ability, it seemed the best buy.
    Its awesome, it is better than my expectations, and I enjoy using it. I think it looks stylish. Everyone I have shown it to, have also commented on its style. I purchased all three cartridges and I have used all of them. They are all very easy and straight forward to use and do exactly what they are supposed to do. The effect is awesome.
    Its is switched on buy pressing the button 3 times in quick succession. once switched on press the button 2 more times and you can chose one of 3 power settings indicted by 3 lights, low, medium and high. The charge seems to last a good while, the smoke is nice and smooth and not to heavy. if you like to smoke resin/wax or herb, this is the one you want, if you are trying to quit tobacco products, this is the one for you. I cant say enough good things about it. I was a little apprehensive buying it, but so glad i did now, it has made quitting tobacco very comfortable.
    I did contact customer service for something, and they were really helpful and friendly. All in all, TOP STUFF!

  8. Why buy anything else

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2017

    Without a doubt the series 7 is all and more you could want. If you want to fill a room with vapour this isn't for you, ( go and buy a box mod for your clearomisor or whatever they call them.) but if you enjoy a very smooth vape with a normal amount of vapour coupled with a sleek well engineered, easy to use vape pen then BUY this. Plus the extra cartridges and ease of swapping them makes this the ideal product for people who want the best of both worlds with absolutely no combustion and none of the nasty stuff. I say BUY BUY BUY!!!!
    Jaimie from Kent

  9. Wow

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2017

    I've smoked for 35 years and only tried to give up once which ended in complete failure smashed the house up and abused my wife this was about twenty years ago bought the v2 pro recently and have no signs of clucking three weeks in and cigs are a thing of the past thank god also I smoke herb this helps with that too five stars thankyou for a hassle free detox

  10. product really suits me, customer service pretty good

    Posted by on 17th May 2017

    as a pack a day smoker this is a top gadget to move from the cigs, much better than an e-cig and not as industrial as a cartomiser thingy. cheers - it works for me

  11. Amazing vape

    Posted by on 17th May 2017

    So before I start, I though I should say that i cant compare this vaporizer to any others as I've not used any other's, except for table top vapes, which would be unfair to compare. Also i have only used my series 7 for herbs only, and I've just bought a wax oven but not tried it yet.

    This is an excellent vaporizer. I used to smoke bongs or pure joints as I do not like nicotine/tobacco. Honestly, this vape is probably the best gadget I have bought in years. It's easy to use, small and portable, looks good, easy to clean and gets you high! I usually keep the heat on middle settings as I find that's a good middle ground, get some lemon haze and enjoy that lovely flavour. I can taste the herbs so much now using this!
    The one issue I've found is that it's taken me a long time to work out how best to pack the oven. It seems that if the herbs are loose I get no airflow, so have to pack it down.. But then not to pack too tight as again, I get no airflow. It can be annoying when I pack the oven and then head out for a walk, go to take a hit from the vape and I have to pull hard to get anything. I sometimes I grind my herbs really fine and pack it down but it seems totally random when it works and when it doesn't. This is the only issue I have and can be down to user error. Again, I've not tried any other portable vapes so I don't know if this happens to others.

    Bottom line is that I really recommend this vape. It's not very expensive compared to others either. Cant wait to try the wax, and when I do I'll review it. Also, everyone who has tried my vape has wanted one for themselves afterwards. You really can't go wrong with the v2 pro series 7..

  12. Surprised and happy: Long-time smoker who does not miss cigarettes

    Posted by on 11th May 2017

    I have 18 years of smoking on the record and 8 months after I quitted smoking I was still struggling with relapse and stress. The effects of vaping was immediate. Not only I don't miss smoking but even the thought of the bitter smoke of a cigarette makes me nauseous. I mean, if you have a great product like this delivering tasteful clouds that don't burn your organs, why going back?

    I admit, I had my doubts but I was blown away by the performance of the device and the ease of use. I use only E-liquids and the lowest temperature. I am also looking forward to the next product in V2 series.

  13. Brilliant product! Brilliant service

    Posted by on 5th Apr 2017

    I love my v2pro series 7 for both e-liquid and dry herb! It's easy to use can adjust it to my own personal preference for vaping. I've gone 9 days and counting... smoke free because of it thank you for an excellent product. And of you have any problems with anything the team on the phone, live chat and by email are brilliant so helpful and always get a good response. Thank you so much!!

  14. Perfect replacement for smoking.

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2017

    Having smoked for over 40 years I was, to my great surprise, able to give up using the V2 Series 7. Can't say fairer than that. Starting with the highest voltage setting I refill with Eliquid (2.4% nicotine) every day and recharge battery every other day.

    Room for improvement for long-term use:- the battery needs to be much more consistent, you can end up having to leave quite long pauses between puffs to get the full effect. Plus, given the cartridges last approximately 20 refills (only 20 days at this rate), they definitely need to be made longer-lasting (or much cheaper). Also, it's going to be a jolt when I have to buy a whole new device in around 6 months time as the battery is non-replaceable.

    TEAM V2 RESPONSE: This is really good news, quitting is what it is all about! We have not had any other reports on long pauses between puffs, please make sure the S7 is charged. On costs, we would point out that cigarettes will cost the average smoker around £65/week - over £1500 in a 6 month period! The Pro 7 is around the cost of 2 weeks worth of cigarettes. So after 6 - 12 months use (though the Pro 7 will last you longer than 6 months); pricing in the cost of cartridges & e liquids, the Pro 7 is a significantly better solution to both your health and wallet!

  15. Excellent - well worth the money

    Posted by on 3rd Jan 2017

    This is an excellent vaporizer. This was bought mainly for the dry leaf but the e-liquid cartridge is very good too.

    Loose leaf cartridge is very easy to use and clean. I have spent a fair amount of money on desktop vaporizers which seem to eat into the stock and I've found can be an unpleasantly fierce experience. This is a far more pleasant and is very economical.

    I've not smoked since I purchased this vape.

    I highly recommend this product.

  16. I love it A pleasure to use Good build quality Nice cleaning tools & more

    Posted by on 19th Nov 2016

    I love it. Its a pleasure to use and fast to change setting etc. Quality unit so it makes me feel quality like everyone should feel. You are all amazing XxX

    e-liquid cart: You can smoke on it like a normal cigarette as in you don't have to take big puff direct to lung, there is a good airflow so it can be smoked nicely :)
    Instant smoke = instant satisfaction so again a pleasure to use.

    Very good build quality.
    Temp /volt settings lets me be in total control :)
    Cartridges (carts) can be changed over within 2 seconds so switching from herbs to e-liquid to get a little nicotine hit is fun & as fast as you like. Even changing flavours if you got 2 carts is rapid & fun.

    dry leaf cart: In the box comes a cleaning tools for the dry leaf cart. Really handy and nice to use and will help my cart last longer.
    The chamber heats up nice and quick and by the time I have sat myself down to have a puff, it is ready to smoke on :)
    It vapes herbs very well. I get 3 hits from 1 chamber full of goodies. I start on low setting, then later when I need to medicate some more, I use medium setting and later when I want to more, I put on high setting and after that the herb is done and so am I :)
    Vaping herbs saves a lot of money as it lasts longer and the hit is clean and is much healthier for you (no combustion).

    I purchased a separate wax cart so when I test it in a few days, I will write a review on that.

    All in all I really recommend it.
    For me it has everything I need.... e-liquid, herbs & wax and it works well for my needs.
    A nice, (very nice) upgrade from the series 3 I have.

  17. Superb do-it-all portable vape

    Posted by on 1st Sep 2015

    This is a great little vape for both e-liquids and dry herb. Extremely easy to use and the magnetic cartridge makes it simple and quick to swap between the two. Battery lasts for days.....really pleased to find such a high quality, portable vape! Highly recommended!

  18. Very nice! high quality, Long Battery life

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2015

    I wish there was a half star rating, Cause i would give it 4.5. There is only a couple of cons to this product i'll start with those.


    - Cartridge doesn't last that long. (especially if you like changing flavors) i used it a little bit every night for about 2 weeks and the cartridge is now garbage. And there not cheap $14 + shipping.

    - I wish there was an air intake adjustment. I feel like i have to suck pretty hard to get a decent puff.


    - Everything else. The dry cartridge works great! plenty of room for whatever your putting in there. I love the 3 temp settings. I usually start on the lowest and go for about 1 minute and then go to medium and go for another minute and then switch to the highest to finish of the cartridge.

    Battery last for ever. It hasn't died on me yet. even though i charge it every 3 or 4 days.

    Right out of the box you can tell it's a quality product.

    Overall i love it. Just wish the replacement cartridges were cheaper or you could buy DIY replacement parts for them. If anyone knows how to get more air to be sucked through or if there is a way to adjust it, Please let me know.

  19. Great portable vape

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2015

    I am impressed with this device. Leaf chamber is large and e-liquid cartridge works nice. Quick change, and magnetic holds work well for cartridges and charger. I did drop it and the e-liquid cartridge dropped the glass tube out. the glass did not break. I superglued it back but at 13$ for a replacement, I just ordered 2 to replace it. Highly recommend.

  20. Best vape

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2015

    This is the best vape i have ever owned, it is so simple to use, and the battery lasts all day. It is really easy to refill and the variable voltage really sets it ahead from the series 3. I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys vaping.

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YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS TO BUY AND/OR USE ANY VAPOUR2 OR V2 E-CIGS PRODUCT. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance derived from the tobacco plant and V2 e-Cigs are not a cessation device. The products on this website do not treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, physical ailment, or condition and should not used by anyone in conflict with applicable local law. If you are allergic to nicotine, propylene glycol or any combination of inhalants, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you have a heart-condition, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, you should consult your doctor before using Vapour2 nicotine products. E-liquid should not be swallowed, seek medical help if this occurs. Wash with warm soapy water if e liquid skin contact occurs. Lifetime warranty on batteries only applies in the USA.

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