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V2 PRO 3X all colours

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Vaporizer

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Further Information

The Pro 3X vape pen has new advanced vaporizer features, 2 e-liquid cartridges (1 ceramic and 1 with changeable coils), 3 coils (0.9, 1.2 and 1.5 ohm), sub-ohm performance.

The Pro 3X can also be used for vaping dry herb if you add a Loose Leaf Cartridge to your order.

Variable voltage and temperature settings coupled with adjustable airflow deliver a truly custom experience. The Motion Activated LED battery sensor shows you the remaining battery charge, at a glance.

Sleek and portable, the Series 3X offers the mobility of the PRO Series 3, plus some nice new features for ease of use and great vaping.

New Advanced Features

The Series 3X vape pen comes with a variety of new features for the ultimate vapour experience. Variable settings, micro-drilled LED indicator lights and compatible sub-ohm cartridge technology is just the beginning.

  • Interchangeable atomizers in 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm
  • Variable voltage, temperature, and airflow
  • Motion activated LED battery life indicator
  • Ceramic heater produce a cleaner, pure flavour profile
  • Compatible with your Series 3 device and accessories
  • Battery capacity has been upgraded to 750 mAh  (PRO 3S is 650mAh)

Series 3X cartridges are versatile, allowing for PG or VG usage. Interchangeable atomizers come in 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm, giving the Series 3X e-liquid cartridge universal e-liquid compatibility. A ceramic heater delivers maximum vapour and clean, rich flavour. Our best tobacco vaporizer in a pen style design.

The Series 3X e-liquid cartridge has a built-in adjustable ring that allows you to choose more or less airflow. The long last battery is very quick to recharge.

The new PRO Series 3X Vape Kit comes with:

  • One Series 3X Vaporizer
  • One Series 3 Sub-Ohm Ceramic E-Liquid Cartridge
  • One Series 3X E-Liquid Cartridge (adjustable airflow)
  • Three interchangeable atomizers. 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm
  • One magnetic USB charging cord

Changing the temperature or the atomizer will allow you to select the settings to suit your personal vaping preferences and taste. The PRO S3X is both flexible and versatile but also very easy to use.

Vaping Tobacco

Not only is the the Pro 3X one of the best vaporizers for e liquid it can also be used as a tobacco vaporizer (wax and dry herb too) by swapping out the e liquid cartridge for a tobacco dry herb cartridge. The 3X chip recognises each cartridge and changes heat settings automatically. Vaping tobacco or vaping dry herb using heat not burn technology will not give masses of vapour. Nicotine (and the active ingredients in dry herb) when vaporized is colourless so there is not much to see! But you will certainly taste and feel your tobacco or dry herb while vaping. If you would like more vapour why not try dripping a few drops of zero nicotine e liquid on to the loose leaves in the cartridge to moisten them slightly.

The loose leaf cartridge takes approximately 20-30 seconds to heat up to the optimum temperature. Fill the tank to the correct level with your favourite tobacco or dry herb and vape for one cycle. make sure tobacco is ground down. (see our grinders) You will find that with many tobacco and dry herb products you can vape through a second cycle, use the tool supplied with the dry herb tobacco cartridge to stir or mix the content between cycles.

Dont Smoke, Heat Don't Burn Tobacco

Some smokers vape using e liquid most of the time. Often however they find certain trigger times when for what ever reason they have a cigarette or two. Our Heat not burn tobacco vaping products fill this gap ensuring that you can get off cigarettes totally and still have your tobacco when those trigger times occur.

Heat not burn tobacco vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking.

The PRO S3X is compatible with existing PRO Series 3 accessories and cartridges giving you a wide range of e liquid and dry herb/tobacco cartridge options.

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

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  • Pricey, but worth it!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2018

    I've never found the large vaporisers to be particularly useful as they were far too bulky and way to complicated (maybe that's just me though!). The 3x though, wow; just wow. Marvellous! It's compact so fits nicely into your pocket; it doesn't look like a vape brick so blending in during those "smoke" moments after a few drinks in the pub is perfect. Very simple to use (I can't get my head around the ohm thing...), has an incredibly smooth vape and put simply, it's genuinely worth the cost.

  • You WILL quit smoking with this vape!

    Posted by Ian on 20th Jul 2018

    I’ve bought 2 of the series 3x as I wanted to make sure I’d always have a charged battery on nights out, etc. Absolutely amazing product if you are looking for a vape that mimics smoking, the adjustable airflow lets you get the pull you want, and the voltage adapter allows you to crank up the heat of the vape to give you that good throat hit that cigs gave me. I’ve been cig free for 6 months now and even those difficult times (first one of the day with a coffee) have been satisfied with this vaporizer. I smoked roll ups for 25 yrs and after trying all the flavours from V2 I found a 50/50 mix of congress and cherry at 0.9% is perfect for me. Also, any issues I’ve had with faults in the product have been dealt with quickly and with trust, no questions asked. Well done V2, you’re saving lives and I thank you for helping me save mine

  • Series 3X

    Posted by Rob on 27th Apr 2018

    Been waiting for an upgrade to the series 3 for a while. Tried the vert x and wasn’t impressed but this new 3x is excellent and exactly what I was waiting for, marginaly bigger than the last and slightly heavier but great to have the adjustability. Can get a stronger pull in comparison to the last one. Hopefully the durability will be good.

  • Sleek and Stylish

    Posted by Mark Fowler on 3rd Apr 2018

    Looks good , feels good , especially when using the adjustable chrome cartridge. So simple to change settings , air flow / temperatures to suit individual needs . This is where the old saying " you get what you pay for " well worth the money . Can't put it down .

  • great vape!

    Posted by on 31st Mar 2018

    It's my second PRO Series 3 vape, and I am very happy with it. Most people I let try it like it too.
    Very similar to smoking real cigarettes.
    Good customer service and speedy delivery as well.
    I really recommend it

  • Worth the money

    Posted by Jinty on 25th Mar 2018

    The best vaping pen I have used. Started with perfectly decent quality pens from high street stores but this is a class above. Having fun trying different tastes and strengths - Vg and Pg - this is a versatile and easy to use tool and NO LEAKS.

  • Almost Perfect

    Posted by Martin Moran on 20th Jan 2018

    I've been smoking for over 30 years and loved it, Reluctantly I have recently given up... AGAIN. I've tried many types of vaping devices and e liquids over the past few years some ok some terrible for me looking for a smoking analogue. I am now using the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Vaporizer with Drakes NET Virginia or Black Note e liquids. The Vapour2 PRO Series 3X is excellent for it's ease of use and is as close to the feel of smoking as I've had from any device. If I could suggest a further improvement it would be to look into providing coils specifically tailored to vaping Naturally Extracted Tobacco e juices as I've found by comparison that although I prefer using the Vapour2 PRO Series 3X I get a better taste from Vaporesso Guardian Tank's coils. The coils are about the same size so I'm sure V2 could make an already excellent Vapour2 PRO Series 3X just about perfect with the use of NET liquids for those wanting to quite smoking.

  • Top Quality Product

    Posted by Jonathan Toal on 8th Jan 2018

    You get what you pay for. I have tried to stop smoking with cheap £20/30 vapes in the past but they are messy, leak and generally feel cheap. With this product you can feel the qaulity of the device. No chance of any leaking and the smoke is smooth. Really nicely designed product. Well worth spending more on

  • A distinct gearchange

    Posted by Pip on 18th Nov 2017

    I have had a number of PRO Series 3 and been more than happy with them but the Pro Series 3x is a quantum leap forward. Great adjustable vape and user friendly too and oh I am deffo not paid to write this or I would be more effusive! Highly recommend this product

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