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Vapour2 EX Series Cartridges x 40

Vapour2 EX Series Cartridges x 40

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£109.00 £88.75
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A Super-Saver pack of 8 x 5 Packs of EX Cartridges.

The redesigned internal structure of the EX Cartridge produces 400+ puffs, roughly double that of our classic prefilled model, without adding any volume to the cartridge size. This revolutionary internal construction provides a 'tank' experience and ensures a consistent flavour profile, from the very first puff to the last. A small window on the side of the cartridge allows you to gauge your remaining e-liquid level at a glance. EX Cartridges have an airtight seal that makes the cartridge totally leak-proof. This seal optimizes air flow, allowing for thicker vapor production without the need for priming.

Save £1.60 per pack (approx £13 overall) when compared to buying the packs separately.

V2 EX Cartridges


Indicator Window – A small window on the side of each EX Cartridge lets you easily gauge how much e-liquid is left. Once the cartridge is done, simply remove it from your electric cigarette battery and discard!

Airtight Seal – Who says a flavour cartridge can’t be leak-proof? Not us. EX Cartridges feature an airtight seal that prevents leakage and optimizes air flow, providing thick vapor production with no need for priming.

Customer Reviews

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  • Usually excellent, but not the new Gold (+ 'in stock' on the site should be updated)

    Posted by Vapour2 Customer on 21st Jul 2018

    Very good carts. I prefer congress, tho occasional sahara as well. I don't like the new gold, should not have bought as many last time. If you like congress and red I would advise no more than a 5 pack if you want to try Gold.
    One problem is that website always says 'in stock', even when they aren't. My past few orders of EX carts have gone 1) order EX carts, 2) get phone call saying they are out of stock and offering to replace with classic. Classic are OK too, so not a problem really. Not sure how to make my next order - go for the EX, or just go straight to Classic and save myself the phonecall?

    That's just a glitch in the site software though, either type of carts with the EX batteries is a superb alternative to smoking. Their customer relations are excellent too.

  • Great alrounder

    Posted by Lisa on 6th Aug 2017

    I use the 1.8% Red and having tried many other brands, these are by far the best.
    They taste great, without that sickly aftertaste and sweet smell that many other liquids give.
    The throat hit is really satisfying and keeps any cigarette cravings firmly at bay.
    So many of my friends have switched to these since trying mine.....even smokers!

    If I had to find a negative it would be that they can sometimes leak fluid into your mouth and onto your lips which is unpleasant.
    Also at the end of the cartridge it starts to taste exactly like a cigarette (which now repulses me) but if you keep your eye on the handy window you can avoid this.

    It would be nice to get the odd discount perk for regular customers.

  • Brilliant!

    Posted by Vapour2 Customer on 20th Apr 2017

    Bit more expensive but we'll worth the money - last longer and no more getting caught short, you can see when you're running low.

  • Quality control needs improving

    Posted by Vapour2 Customer on 22nd Nov 2016

    I have been using these cartridges for over 1 year and there are some quality issues with them, some leak and that burns my lips and has a horrid taste. I have continued to use them though as the Sahara taste is great and i love the battery, and V2Cigs have always replaced the dodgy cartridges with no fuss. Until now and after spending £90 on a faulty batch of 40 which leak straight from the foil I am given an interrogation and no commitment of replacement for these. I have unfortunately lost confidence in this product and will have to look elsewhere.

    Response From Team V2: We are very sorry that you have had trouble with the Ex Cartridges. We have been working with the USA to fix the QC issues and we appreciate that you have continued to use them during the problem period. We agree that Sahara is a great taste. We are somewhat disappointed that once again you have had issues with them and also very sorry that you felt you were being interrogated when you called. If you contact us we could look into how this happened. We would like to put this right. We try very hard to make sure that our customer service is the best in the business and on this occasion we have let you down.

  • Congress EX 2.4 Review

    Posted by Steve on 28th May 2015

    These are great, and the bulk discount is worth taking advantage of (I used a 10% discount code I found on the internet on top too).

    I usually use the empty cartridges and V2 Congress liquid, but I may switch to these for good. Why might that be...

    You get more vapour from these. I think it's due to a better air seal, but whatever it is it works.

    Your battery will last longer! Because you don't need to bother with any priming puff your battery will last longer than you think with these. This is a bonus I didn't expect; it's a noticeable difference.

    Normally it's hard to guess how much you are vaping and how long your liquid will last. With these that issue goes away. I actually remove the plastic cover from the EX cartridge as I think it looks cool on the little silver batteries. I have never noticed any undue warming of the device that is suggested in some web reviews.

    The 'double the puff count' claim is realistic, but with more vapour per puff too.

    These are a little more expensive than regular cartridges it's true, but there are so many positives I am thinking of sticking with them.

    If you're new and wondering about what flavour to try, I suggest ignoring the advice to try 'Red' but rather try Congress instead, as I think that it's most like a generic UK cigarette.

    P.S. Some kind soul threw some 0% nic' other flavours into the delivery bag for me to try! Clearly you can't expect this to happen with your order, but it pleased me so I'm mentioning it. I like companies that make nice little gestures like that.

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