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Lanyards, drips tips, e-cig adapters and the battery-free V2 Power Cig

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  • V2 Aluminium Drip Tips

    The V2 Aluminium Drip Tips are the perfect accessory for your V2 Platinum E-Liquid. They make filling and refilling your cartridges quick and easy, All you need to do is simply attach a V2 Drip Tip to the mouth-end of your...

  • V2 Lanyard

    Keeps your V2 e-cig handy and – thanks to the air-holes – doesn’t need to be detached while vaping. Choose from red, blue or black. The V2 Lanyard offers an easy way to keep your V2 Electronic Cigarette...

  • V2 PRO Cleaning Kit

    Keep your V2 Pro device and cartridges looking and performing like new with the V2 Pro Cleaning Kit.   The standard brush and cleaning tools that come with the Series 7 kit and selected cartridges are designed...

  • V2 PRO Series 3 Lanyard

    Keep your V2 PRO Series 3 easily accessible with the V2 PRO Series 3 Lanyard.   With a durable sleeve attached to a sturdy cord, the V2 PRO Series 3 Lanyard keeps your device protected and within arms reach. The...

  • V2 Rubber Drip Tips

    The quick, clean and easy way to fill V2 Blanks with Platinum E-Liquid. They come in packs of three. Also available in sleek, durable aluminium. Our V2 Drip Tips are the perfect accessory for your V2 Platinum E-Liquid...

  • V2 Universal E-Cig Adapters

    Green Smoke & VIP Compatible Cartridge & Refill Battery Adapter For use with Green Smoke batteries and VIP batteries plus many other ecig brands. If you have GREEN SMOKE get the TYPE 1 Adapter so that you can use...

  • V2 PRO Series 7 E Liquid Cartridge

    The V2 PRO Series 7 E-Liquid Cartridge is our largest E-Liquid cartridge (tank) and uses our best electronic cigarette vaporising technology.  This auto sensing magnetic e-liquid cartridge can be refilled around 15 to...

    £21.25 £18.25
  • V2 Car USB Charger Adapter

    Charge your V2 E Cigarette Batteries and Vaporizers whilst on the go! This adapter plugs into a standard 12-Volt power outlet found in most cars, vans, and even on boats. All you need to do it to plug the V2 USB charging...

  • Series 7 Liquid Caps (2-Pack)

    Avoid buying a brand new cartridge because of a lost or broken cap with these 2-packs of V2 Pro Replacement Caps for your Series 7 e-liquid cartridges. Also available for Series 7 loose leaf.

  • Series 7 Loose Leaf Caps (2-Pack)

    Series 7 loose leaf Replacement Caps are an excellent alternative to replacing an entire cartridge because of a broken or missing cap. Replacement Caps come in packs of two. Also available for e-liquid.

  • Vapour2 Classic Power Cig

    Ideal when working or playing at your PC, the battery-free Power Cig plugs into the USB port. It can also be used with a car adapter. V2 Power Cig V2 Cartridges (5-Pack) The Power-Cig comes with 5 cartridges of your...

    £24.99 £22.49

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