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Shisha Pen Kits with EX Series Batteries

The clever combination of V2’s premium EX Series with the distinctive Shisha design is a marriage made in vaping heaven. Use with nicotine or zero nicotine e liquid.

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  • Vapour2 EX Series Shisha Pen

    Shisha style meet EX Series vaping power in this introductory kit. The only other thing you’ll need to order is some Platinum E-Liquid. EX Series Battery EX Blank (e-liquid tank) USB Express...

    £36.49 £29.99
  • Vapour2 EX Series Shisha Pen Pack

    This kit ticks all the boxes for a vaping good start – including generous 1x10ml bottle of Platinum E-Liquid of your choice. EX Series Battery EX Blank (e-liquid tank) USB Express Charger 1x10ml Platinum E-Liquid...

  • Vapour2 EX Series Shisha Sampler Pack

    A Shisha Pen Kit that has everything you need to start vaping plus the option to try a range eliquid flavours and strengths (including zero nicotine). The Shisha Pen kit contains: 6 x 10ml bottles Platinum E-Liquid...

    £91.87 £85.99

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