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Smart wall chargers, neat car chargers and sleek metal or soft carry cases to protect your batteries.

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  • V2 Express Charger

    A smart USB Charger that charges V2 Classic and EX Series Batteries super fast. This USB Charger can charge V2 Classic and EX Series Batteries nearly twice as fast as the original V2 charger. It’s also designed to...

  • V2 Metal Carry Case

    If you don’t use V2 Long batteries, then this is ideal. It can hold up to 3 Short or Standard batteries, or 2 Flavour Cartridges with 2 batteries. Available in Graphite, Silver or Glossy White. The V2 Carry Case was...

    £19.95 £11.20
  • V2 Power Adapter

    V2 power adapter with a USB connector. Perfect for the traveller that needs to charge their V2 e cigarette battery or vaporiser from the mains.

  • V2 Smart Charger

    V2 Smart Charger with flexible cable. Charge your V2 Classic or EX Series batteries anywhere.  This USB charger can be used with a V2 Power Adapter (recommended) or plugged in to a USB port on your computer...

  • V2 Soft Carry Case

    Designed to perfection to fit all sizes in the V2 Cigs battery line-up the New V2 Soft Case is a convenient way to carry your V2 electronic cigarettes with style. Constructed of durable, high density fabric, the V2 soft...

  • Electronic Cigarette UK Charging Kit

    This V2 Charger Kit pack contains 1 x V2 USB charger (with cord) plus 1 x V2 Cigs wall adaptor. The Charger Kit will recharge both V2 Classic Batteries and V2 EX Series Batteries. Please note that this item comes with...


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