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Vapour2 Classic Starter Pack

£27.99 £25.75
(You save £2.24)

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A fine introduction to value-for-money vaping, costing much less than buying each item separately. Includes a choice of flavours.

  • Standard White Automatic Battery
  • V2 Cartridge Sampler Pack (6 Pack). Choose between ‘Tobacco & Menthol’ or ‘Sweet & Fruity’
  • Express Charger

Classic Starter Kit is the best e cigarette kit to get you started. It also saves you money compared to buying the items separately.

This convenient e cig kit is available in our popular Tobacco & Menthol or Sweet & Fruity flavours and comes with everything you need to make the switch to electronic cigarettes or to top up your existing supplies at a good price. It is cheaper to buy the kit rather than buying the items separately.


An excellent choice for first-time electronic cigarette users, Classic Starter Kit let's you try our acclaimed rechargeable electronic cigarettes in various flavours.

Included in your e cig kit are one V2 Standard Automatic Battery, six V2 Flavour Cartridges (Tobacco/Menthol or Sweet & Fruity) and one V2 Express Charger.

Two types of samplers are as follows:

Tobacco & Menthol Sampler Pack: 1x Red Tobacco, 1x Congress Tobacco, 1x Sahara Tobacco, 1x Menthol, 1x Peppermint, 1x Green Tea Menthol.

Sweet & Fruity Sampler Pack: 1x Grape, 1x Cherry, 1x Chocolate, 1x Vanilla, 1x Cola, 1x Coffee.

Why not taste the entire range of V2 cartridge flavours and add another V2Cigs 6 Cartridge Flavour Sampler Pack to your order.

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  1. Starter pack review

    Posted by on 12th Apr 2017

    Had the appearance of a good quality product.
    Love the idea of being able to purchase flavor sampler pack.

  2. Very good, first timer E-Cig

    Posted by on 1st Apr 2017

    As a first timer i was very impressed with this E-Cig, i enjoy it so much i decided to go next level and buy V2 S3 PRO, i hope i will get even more smoke from it. I will get 0.6% Liquids , just to get a little kick. Awesome replacement for real cigarettes. It really helps me cut off from cigarettes. I recommend it to anyone. Even 0.0% nicotine is great, it doesnt totally "kill your energy" like a cigarette does, and it produces some good smoke. Thank you V2 for providing this product. The price is decent, considering risk to your health, and/or (less) health risk to your lungs.

  3. The only E-cig that has ever worked

    Posted by on 26th Jan 2017

    I would really recommend , I have been smoking for years 20 a day , I think I have bought every e-cig going ,trying to give up over and over again .
    People use to say "o try this one it works for me "so I would waste more money none of them hit the the spot . At times I felt jealous that all the people had give up with a e-cig but it never worked for me.
    I researched the best e-cig and v2 came up as the top one , my last attempt to give up smoking and it's worked , the v2 is fab , stops my cravings I prefer the red one , i got 0.6 strength thou I have ordered the next one up as I feel I could do with something a little stronger , saved my self loads of money , feel very healthy , been on it now for two weeks and could not see my self going back !!

  4. Very realistic

    Posted by on 1st Mar 2015

    I doubted ecigs from the get go, settling for the idea that these would not work and the dreaded cigarette would win. But surprisingly after a little self psychological weaning, I began. They are very strongly flavoured. Mine is menthol as it is the most similar to my usual tobacco cigs and the taste is very strong. After coughing a few times at the beginning of the switch I found them to be very realistic. The amount of money saved aswell is another incentive for swapping and one which I should have had more faith in when they first came out. The beginners kit I got is very recommendable esp at the highest nicotine level.

  5. Excellent Beginners Ecig

    Posted by on 16th Jan 2015

    One of the very BEST slim-style ecigs on the market, no THE best!!! Gives excellent vaping without needing constant recharging and the cartomisers run for ever too. Fantastic product, very highly recommended.
    Also, the V2cig service is brilliant, especially compared to other suppliers, can't recommend them highly enough.

  6. I have been smoking for forty years. i bought this to try and its much better than I emagined.

    Posted by on 8th Aug 2014

    I am now on week five and have not smoked a cigarette! You still need willpower. But if I can do it? Anyone can.

  7. Excellent product

    Posted by on 11th Jun 2014

    Never tried ecigs before. this product is excellent. Has really helped me cut down and honestly feels like I am having a proper smoke.
    The only downside is the weight but I guess that can't be changed.

  8. great way to start

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2014

    a battery , usb charger -(just takes an hour to recharge the battery using this) a disposable cig and 11 cartomisers , 5 of your choice and a mixed pack a perfect way to start.--- oops mixed pack was an offer no longer available, maybe just aswell because this was where i felt the kit lost a star. i had "red" as my choice for my 5 pack but "red" was also included in the mixed pack - the one in the mixed pack was not good no where near as nice as in the chosen pack - fully foil sealed. i would not have reordered the red if i had only tasted the one in the mixed pack .each of the mixed carts where lose (protective bung at each end only) a good idea to give a variety but may give a misleading impression of the flavour ,unless produced in standard foil and bb dated pakaging.
    battery :_you get an easy quiet draw, and enough nice vapour . i found the battery lasts approx 175 - 200 puffs (17-20 cigarettes @ 10 puffs a cig) BUT bear in mind you WILL find you vape a bit more than you "smoked" .i used to smoke approx 20 a day, now i am vaping approx 300 puffs per day which i would call 30 cigs - maybe the novelty will wear off and it will reduce a bit :).i found the cartomisers lasted around 200 - 220 puffs and yes i counted both the battery and the cartomiser puffs, i would say i take an average "puff" a little longer than on a tobacco cig but not as long as they do in the videos to show you mind blowing amounts of vapour lol. i have tried a few different brands and v2 is up there, in my top 2

  9. Best yet

    Posted by on 13th Feb 2014

    I have been a smoker for many years and have tried one other electronic cigarette that put me off. I then decided to try again. I bought the beginner kit was got 1 x disposable cigarette, 1 x rechargeable cigarette, charger, 1 x sahara 0.6%, 1 x congress 0.6%, 1 x red 0.6%, 1 x red 1.2%, 1 x menthol 0.6% & 1 x vanilla 0.6%. I also took 5 pack of red 0.6%. So far so good and I really enjoy Sahara, Congress & Red. Sticking to the lower nicotine and will buy higher for when I plan on going out. I have been converted.

  10. very good

    Posted by on 25th Nov 2013


  11. Very Good

    Posted by on 17th Oct 2013

    This is better than the Cigirex electronic cigarette I had used previously. Others who tried the disposable I bought in addition were impressed.

    Great throat hit and vapour volume, menthol is nice too.

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