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Vapour2 Classic Blank Cartridges x 40

Vapour2 Classic Blank Cartridges x 40

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Further Information

If you have decided that Classic Blanks are your thing, then this is the low-cost way to go. Use with either our Classic or EX Batteries.

V2 Cigs Blank Cartridges are now available in this 40 cartridge multisaver pack.

These unfilled cartridges (cartomisers) are designed to be manually filled up to 5 times with V2 Platinum E-liquid, your own vapour formulations or commercially available E-liquids, after which we recommend you replace it. 

V2 Blank Cartridges are the highest quality KR808D-1 compatible cartridges on the market today. These low resitance cartomisers are designed for use with our 4.2 volt e-cigarette batteries, and for use with our 5-volt Power-Cig and Notebook-Cig models.

By filling your own cartridges you can experience significant savings and less waste, with each refill priced at less than £1 per filled cartridge (based on 20-drops "1ml" per refill).
We recommend 20 drops to fully fill an empty blank cartridge.

Customer Reviews

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  • Excellent, inexpensive and highly versatile

    Posted by Getard Dore on 4th Jan 2015

    An excellent product that I would recommend to anyone, swapped over to these from pre-filled and use them with V2 Red, estimated cost saving of about 40%. One word of caution take time when filling 18 drops max and leave at least an hour before use otherwise the wick will not be suitably saturated and the result is a foul burnt taste. One way to mitigate this is to prime the wick with 4 or 5 drops from the opposing end to that which you would ordinarily fill from. That aside these are undoubtedly worth the investment of time.

  • Best for price, choice, and looks

    Posted by Steve on 10th Jun 2014

    So even if you only fill them 5 times they are clearly way cheaper than the pre-filled ones. V2 liquids are great, but if you have a refillable device you can try any liquid too. They are a nice white colour too, and so with a white battery they look great; much nicer than the solid colour coding of the non-EX cartridges.

    What I do is refill them before they run out - you develop a sense of usage amount with any brand of refillable carto, so filling before empty gets easier. If you do this I think they last longer than 5 fills, and also you won't be waiting for a burnt taste.

    The only thing V2 could improve is to sell little bags of multicoloured silicon stoppers, as there is no way to know what flavour you have in what carto; it's like vape roulette if you have a few loaded up.

  • Tricky to begin with but well worth the money

    Posted by Ange on 2nd Oct 2013

    I recently purchased these as I was due for surgery and was advised to quit smoking. I first purchased the starter kit and sample pack which helped me choose which flavour I got on with. These refills are by far the best in my opinion. Ok, they are a little tricky to begin with in the way that you need a pin or similar to remove the cap and even thou it suggests how many 'drops' to use to refill, its a but hard to count them as you have the pipet inside the cartridge, I still think these are worth every penny! I'm no mathematician but by my estimates these cartridges along with the 50ml bottle of v2 liquid equates to about 50p a day! So the savings are VERY significant! So the negatives (which with a little patience soon disappear and are far less inconvenient than having to go out on a wet Sunday afternoon to buy more cigarettes) are far out numbered by the positives for this product. I would also like to add that V2 customer services is outstanding! The ladies are quick to answer the phone and on both occasions I have called they have dealt with my query efficiently with just one phone call and only speaking with one person! I have also now been smoke free for 20 days!! Yay go me!!! :)

  • Good price

    Posted by Vapour2 Customer on 1st Mar 2013

    I like the new discount

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