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Refillable Classic Cartridges

Designed to be easily filled up to 5 times with V2 Cigs Platinum E-Liquids, these cartridges are a very reliable, cost saving option to our EX Blank Cartridges/Tanks having a mouth piece more like a traditional cigarette. They are very quick and simple to fill and give a rich consistent flavour.

Vapour2 Classic Blank Cartridges x 5

Low cost cartridges that are quick and easy to refill with V2 E-Liquid. These cartridges can be used with both V2 Classic Batteries and the higher capacity EX Series Batteries. V2 Cigs Blank Cartridges are available in 5-packs and 40-Packs. Each of...


Vapour2 Classic Blank Cartridges x 40

If you have decided that Classic Blanks are your thing, then this is the low-cost way to go. Use with either our Classic or EX Batteries. V2 Cigs Blank Cartridges are now available in this 40 cartridge multisaver pack. These unfilled cartridges...