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Vapour2 Standard Starter Pack

Vapour2 Standard Starter Pack

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Further Information

Features a wider choice of V2 flavours and USB Express Charger which charges batteries double-fast whilst preventing overcharging.

  • Automatic Battery
  • Manual Battery
  • 10 x V2 Cartridges (2 x 5 packs of cartridges of your choice or 2 different Cartridge Sample Packs)
  • USB Express Charger
  • Wall Adapter
  • User Manual

The Classic Standard Starter Kit has been updated with the USB Express Charger.

This great value Classic Standard Starter Kit includes all the essentials you need to get started enjoying your life smoke-free. It is one of the most popular and affordable starter kits we sell.


V2 electronic cigarettes are comprised of two primary components, the flavour cartridges and the battery.

V2 vapour cartridges are filled with our proprietary vapour liquid; a solution of nicotine and water vapour, in your selected flavour and strength. Our cartridges contain built in atomizers, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required, like with other electronic cigarettes on the market today.

We require you to select at least one flavour and strength combination.  If you would like to have additional flavours sent with your kit simply indicate your second selection in the text box above labelled: "Comments."

You can choose the flavour and strength of the cartridges that come with your V2 electronic cigarette kit. Our flavours and strengths are designed to simulate your favourite traditional cigarette brands. Some of our most popular flavours include: Red-Tobacco, Congress-Tobacco, Sahara-Tobacco, Menthol-Tobacco, Peppermint, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cherry.

If you want to try out all our flavours in one go then select the 6 Cartridge Sample Pack flavour option.

Customer Reviews

Write a Review

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  • Vapour2 Standard Starter Pack

    Posted by Alan Taylor on 26th Feb 2019

    I have tried several E Cigarettes in past but none is the quality of this Vapour2 it is so well made and handles just like a cigarette no big mouthpiece no clouds of vapour it is a natural transition from a cigarette to this to give up smoking. Charges easily and the Tobacco refill is so easy to use no handling of liquids which I find the worse with some E Cigarettes and it tastes very similar to ordinary tobacco. With this I am happy to crack the smoking habit.
    Team Vapour2 Response. Well done and keep vaping.

  • Good Product.

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2018

    My standard starer pack arrived on the 6th of July, for the first week I still smoked about about 3 real cigs a day (usually 30) On he 18th I smoked what I hope I was my last one.
    This product is very good and I recommend it to smokers. Would have given 5 stars if the batteries were not so expensive but overall still saving me lots of money. Buy it.

  • It's better than others ive tried

    Posted by Sandra Azevedo on 8th Mar 2018

    I can say im satisfied with the product and quality is good, definitely it helps me with craving, so yes i recommend this product

  • Excellent product

    Posted by Shaun Daly on 30th Oct 2017

    Always worried when I try a new ecig (ive tried a few), shouldnt have been, the V2 is excellent. Very happy with it.

  • Sleek and realistic

    Posted by Fifo on 25th Aug 2017

    Great product. I have tried another similar product based in the US bit they stopped producing in the UK. So I switched to this one. So glad I did as it is so much more realistic to the draw and kick you get from a real cigarette! Would highly recommend as an alternative to smoking. Odourless and very little vapour at all!!!

  • Thanks for helping me stop smoking

    Posted by Vlad on 1st Aug 2017

    Imitates real cigarettes well enough to help me stop smoking completely. Thank you!

  • Stopped smoking so far!

    Posted by KC on 6th Mar 2017

    Wanted to try and stop smoking again after 28 years of the habit (stopped 4 years ago for 18 months but started again annoyingly) and did some research online and V2 seemed to come up trumps on customer reviews.

    Anyway received the V2 Classic Standard Starter Kit the week before last and decided that the Sunday would be my last day smoking or trying to at least. That was 8 days ago and to be honest I didn't hold out too much hope as my will power isn't the best but to my amazement I haven't had one cigarette!

    I find these really realistic and am getting the nicotine hit required as I have not really craved a cigarette at all. Went to the pub last Thursday and thought I might relapse but didn't even think about smoking, also had friends and family over to mine on the Saturday and out of the 4 of us 2 of them smoked and I really felt I would give in but again really didn't feel the need and was more than happy with the V2 Classic.

    Still early days, but for me that has smoked for so long I am really impressed and would highly recommend. I was smoking 12 - 15 Benson & Hedges a day.

  • Really Helpful

    Posted by Dom Tait on 23rd Jan 2016

    I quit smoking 2 weeks ago and could not have done so without the V2 starter kit. It works very well as a replacement for cigarettes, the size weight and shape of the product are almost a perfect replica of the real thing for those of us that need something in our hands to play with. The product itself works really well, the fruity flavours taste fantastic and produce enough vapour to satisfy the urge, it hits the back of your throat for that burning feeling and the fruity flavours taste excellent. If you are looking to stop smoking the V2 products are an excellent solution and I would highly recommend them.

  • A very easy transition from regular tobacco to E-Cigs

    Posted by Rhodes on 16th Mar 2015

    I will give you a little help here to those of you who find it hard to make the full transition to E-Cigs at the beginning.
    First off, I recommend you buy the cartridge pack that contains 10 different flavours, those cartridges will give you insight on which flavours you will stick to for a long time (assuming you stick to E-Cigs for awhile)
    There is one thing I found essential on giving up the regular tobacco and that is the unique flavours that V2cigs offer you, if you're like me you will want to make the switch to E-Cigs for the BONUS flavours "i.e anything but Red/Congress/Sahara which are based on regular tobacco flavours, making the transition simply for your health is harder in my opinion and I found that having a unique flavour along with the regular tobacco flavour (like Red/Congress/Sahara) will actually make you enjoy E-Cigs over cigarettes/tobacco.
    Currently I use Red/Congress because of the familiar taste it has to Amber leaf tobacco and for a little treat the Vanilla or cherry cartridges. Automatic battery for the traditional tobacco flavoured cartridges and the manual battery for the "treat" flavoured cartridges so that I have 2 batteries at my disposal (incase I need to charge one)
    How many flavours you want is up to you, you may prefer only one flavour, or a "treat" flavour alongside your regular tobacco taste flavour.
    I felt compelled to write this review because I enjoyed the vanilla flavour so much that I actually wanted to smoke E-Cigs simply for the taste and not simply for my health, because of this I haven't smoked regular tobacco since day 1 of my attempt to make the transition to E-Cigs.
    Good luck to all of you, E-Cigs have cleared my intense morning cough and i've only been on them for 2 weeks.

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