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E Cigarette Starter Kits with Cartridges

V2 Cigs cartridge based starter kits contain everything you need to start vaping quickly and cleanly. Your e-cig gives you the nicotine strength you need without all the toxins that are in burnt tobacco smoke.

Cartridges are ideal for new users because they come prefilled with V2 E Liquid. They are very easy to use.

To use your V2 electronic cigarette you simply screw an ecig cartridge on to your ecig battery and puff on it like you would a tobacco cigarette. It's really easy and tastes great.

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  • Vapour2 Classic Cartridge Sample Pack  (6 Pack)

    Discover which flavour is to your taste. Choose between ‘Tobacco & Menthol’ or ‘Sweet & Fruity’ in five nicotine strengths. Please Note: There might be a slight variation in strength and...

    £13.75 £10.75
  • Vapour2 Classic Starter Pack

    A fine introduction to value-for-money vaping, costing much less than buying each item separately. Includes a choice of flavours. Standard White Automatic Battery V2 Cartridge Sampler Pack (6 Pack). Choose between...

    £27.99 £25.75
  • Vapour2 Standard Starter Pack

    Features a wider choice of V2 flavours and USB Express Charger – which charges batteries double-fast whilst preventing overcharging. Automatic Battery Manual Battery 10 x V2 Cartridges (2 x 5 packs of cartridges...

  • Vapour2 Standard Plus Starter Pack

    The ‘Plus’ here is the Soft Carry Case. Have your spare e cigarette battery and cartridges everywhere you go.  This E Cigarette Starter Kit Contains: 1x Automatic Battery 1x Manual Battery 10 x V2...

    £82.00 £76.99
  • Vapour2 Ultimate Starter Pack

    For the best vaping experience wherever you are. Features a V2 Soft Carry Case, car adapter and 25 flavour cartridges.  2 x Standard Batteries (choose any combination of V2 manual and automatic batteries) Long...

    £132.85 £123.49
  • Vapour2 EX Series Starter Pack

    Top quality vaping at an entry level price including a 5-pack of cartridges, 2 x the puffs of V2 Classic Range. EX Battery 5 x EX Series Cartridges Express Charger   The EX Series Starter Kit is one of our...

    £44.97 £38.75
  • Vapour2 EX Series Standard Pack

    Comes with our latest USB Express Charger that’s not only fast but is also clever enough not to overcharge your batteries. 2 x EX Batteries 5 x EX Series Cartridges Wall Adaptor USB Express Charger User...

    £70.00 £60.49
  • Vapour2 EX Series Standard Plus Starter Pack

    A Soft Carry Case is the big ‘Plus’ on this kit. Carry around your e-cig batteries and cartridges neatly & safely. 2 x EX Batteries 2 x 5 packs of EX Series cartridges of your choice or an EX Series...

    £102.92 £95.75
  • Vapour2 EX Series Ultimate Starter Pack

    More batteries, more chargers, more cartridges… More of everything you need to vape anywhere you like – including a USB EX Series Power Cig. 3 x EX Batteries 5 x 5 packs of EX Series Cartridges USB Express...

    £195.89 £180.75
  • V2 Classic Power Cig

    Ideal when working or playing at your PC, the battery-free Power Cig plugs into the USB port. It can also be used with a car adapter. V2 Power Cig V2 Cartridges (5-Pack) The Power-Cig comes with 5 cartridges of your...

    £24.99 £22.49

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